Brand Awareness Survey Template

Selling your products and services is much easier when your target customers know about your brand before they get to the store. But do you know whether that is the case? With a brand awareness survey, you can find out quickly and know exactly where you stand.

Why Brand Awareness Is Important

When consumers purchase products, they tend to go with what they know. This is what makes brand awareness so important. If your target customers don’t know your brand, they are less likely to choose it – all else being equal. A brand awareness survey can give you this information quickly and easily. Especially in today’s marketplace where consumers often have numerous choices in the same product category, it is ever more important that consumers are aware of your brand. While price, quality, and many other attributes can influence the purchase decision, simply knowing your brand gives you a competitive advantage.

Brand Awareness Satisfaction Survey Tips

When creating your perfect brand awareness survey, it is important that you ask your questions in the right order. Start by asking about general brand awareness followed by questions about your product and then move on to more general questions about the product category. This is a natural flow that allows you to ask all the important questions without influencing your respondents by putting specific ideas into their heads before they had a chance to tell you how they really feel.  

Use the tips below to create your perfect brand awareness survey.

Ask About Your Product and Industry

Maybe more than with any other type of survey, customization is key with brand awareness surveys. You need to find out what the participants know about YOUR brand after all. This is why you will have to make the OpinionStage Brand Awareness Survey Template your own. This is easily done by substituting in the product category you are in (e.g. “cell phones” if you are a cell phone producer) and by adding your brand name wherever necessary. The same is true for your competitors’ brand names.

Use Pictures and Visual Aids

OpinionStage templates allow you to use pictures and visual aids. This not only keeps response rates high as it makes it more fun for the participants to take a survey, it also is a particularly useful feature when it comes to brand awareness because of the ability to incorporate logos. For consumers, it’s often much easier to select a brand by its logo rather than by its name. Remember to take advantage of this feature when you customize your brand awareness survey. You can change the question picture as well as the pictures in the different answers.

Aided vs. Unaided Brand Awareness

When it comes to creating a brand awareness survey it is important to distinguish between unaided and aided brand awareness. It is important that you ask about which brands come to mind first when the participant thinks about a certain product category (unaided brand awareness) before introducing your brand name and your main competitors’ brand names (aided brand awareness). Otherwise, you risk biasing the responses and get bad responses.

Inclusive answers options

Making participation in your brand awareness fun and easy is important as it encourages higher response rates all the way to the end of the survey. Use of images is very important to achieve this. It is just as important to make sure all the possible answer options are covered. If a respondent doesn’t see the answer they want to select, they might drop out or pick a false one just to continue. Bad news for your data either way. Make sure to be inclusive with your answer options.

Track Brand Awareness

You can administer your brand awareness survey periodically or before and after a big advertising campaign, you are running. This will allow you to track how aware potential customers are of your brand over time and how effective your campaigns are. Armed with this knowledge you can make more strategic decisions going forward.

OpinionStage Brand Awareness Survey

With the OpinionStage brand awareness survey template you have a professionally designed template that helps you capture all the information you need to better understand how customers see your brand and your product category. Adapt it to make it fit your needs perfectly and you are good to go. 

Brand Awareness and More

While capturing all the information you need to understand how aware your potential customers are of your brand, our brand awareness survey template also allows you to capture information that will let you adapt your brand (if necessary) to please your customers. By using our template, you will find out what customers value the most and what you can do to make your brand more competitive. 


As you have read above, customization is key when it comes to brand awareness. Take advantage of the large image library that OpinionStage has created for you. Or upload your own logo and pictures! This will make your survey look sleek, professional, and get you more and better answers in the process.

Cell Phone Compatibility

With OpinionStage, you only have to program your survey once. Your participants can use the same link to see the same beautiful survey on all of their devices – including the ever-more important cell phone. All OpinionStage surveys are cross-platform compatible.