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Build an online vacation request form the easy way. Encourage employees to take time away from work, minus the tedious process of applying for leave. The Opinion Stage form builder allows you to create professional mobile-optimized vacation request forms from scratch — all for free.

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Why Use Opinion Stage Vacation Request Forms?

Implement a standard vacation request form with the help of our intuitive form builder to reap a myriad of benefits.

1. Quick, easy, painless setup

Opinion Stage can take away all the headaches that come with the form building process. Our intuitive form maker enables you to build a vacation request form from scratch within minutes, even with zero programming skills. But if you know how to code, you may use custom CSS to customize every element. Make as many forms as you want, then choose the one you like best.

2. Fully customizable templates

Take a look at our selection of visually appealing templates. Choose a vacation request form template and customize it to your heart’s content. Collect all the information you need using a form that feels like your brand. Add personal touches such as your logo and brand colors. Preview each form you make before deploying it online through your website or content management system.

3. Build mobile-friendly forms

Give employees the flexibility to submit their vacation requests from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Using our intuitive form builder, you can create responsive, mobile-ready forms. Each one you make will look good and perform well on all devices and screen sizes. Our forms will load fast even with slow internet speeds, allowing employees to access them on mobile devices at any time.

4. Get rid of messy paperwork

Avoid traditional, paper-based forms to prevent manual data entries. Inaccurate data may lead to employee shortages, lost profits, and other administrative issues. Paper forms also take up too much physical space and create clutter in the workplace. With our help, managers and HR can easily sort files by employee name, vacation request data, approval status, and more.

5. Gain insights in real time

Give the HR department, managers, and executives detailed reports on the results and responses of your vacation forms. Find out which employees rarely request for vacation time and which ones have been abusing it. Identify the most popular months and dates for vacation requests. Opinion Stage can gather all the data in one place so the decision-makers can approve or reject requests faster.

6. Receive notifications and alerts

Make scheduling easier for managers and human resources personnel. Get notified in real time when an employee submits a vacation request form. On each alert, you will see all the data they entered in the form such as when they want to take time off and for how long. Make the approval process hassle-free for managers and HR by giving them real-time visibility of the requests.

7. Streamline the approval process

Our online form builder can make the entire vacation approval process seamless, which should reduce employee turnover and increase engagement. Employees can fill in forms within minutes. Managers and HR can receive requests as soon as they are sent in. Streamlining the approval procedure prevents potential conflicts in the workplace and promotes a fair vacation request policy.

8. Embed it anywhere online

Embed your vacation request form on your website or content management system to make it accessible for your employees. We support JavaScript, iframe, plugins, placement, and more. We also do custom embeds. If you’ve yet to launch a website, you can run your forms from an optimized web page on the Opinion Stage site.

Why Our Customers Use Vacation Request Forms

No business can afford to have a bunch of employees on vacation at the same time. Build a vacation request form with Opinion Stage to run your business smoothly while promoting a healthy work-life balance.

1. Simple vacation request forms

Opinion Stage gives you full control of your online vacation form. Having a standardized format for your vacation request forms makes the approval process quick, easy, and hassle-free for everyone. Employees can eliminate errors, while management can gather the information they need to make well-informed decisions.

2. Reduce stress and boost productivity

Streamlining the vacation approval process is good for everyone. Using an online vacation request form, employees won’t have to spend an entire day following management around for approval. Managers and HR can receive requests as soon as employees send them in. Setting up a convenient approval process encourages employees to take time off work when they need it most.

3. Record vacation requests effortlessly and effectively

Opinion Stage promotes transparency and accuracy. We deliver comprehensive reports based on the details that employees enter into the vacation request forms. Determine which employees regularly file vacation requests, how often they want to spend time away from work, and in which months they usually request for a vacation. Export data using an XLS/CSV file to conduct a thorough analysis.

4. Streamline vacation request processes

Implementing standardized forms enables you to streamline the entire process so employees, managers, and HR won’t have to sacrifice value-added tasks. Promoting a fair vacation policy enables you to retain your top talent, improve employee engagement, and ensure business continuity throughout the year, especially during vacation and holiday seasons.

Who Benefits from Vacation Request Forms?

A solid vacation request form is key to every successful business. Finding the right balance between work and life can help you retain star talent.

1. The Employees

Streamlining the vacation request process will encourage more employees to use it. Making it easier for employees to get a day off can lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. Implementing a vacation request form in 2020 can eliminate the unnecessary stress of scheduling. They can file for leave without sacrificing precious time at the office.

2. The Managers

Build an error-proof and conflict-free vacation request form online. It gives managers ample time to minimize and plan for potential disruption caused by an employee’s absence. Coordinate with HR personnel to manage vacation schedule changes effectively in real time. Keep the business running smoothly without sacrificing the health and happiness of your employees.

3. Human Resources

Managing vacation requests and tracking paid leaves can be complicated and taxing. Opinion Stage can help streamline the vacation request process using online forms, giving HR a complete view of all vacation requests from one place. Use online forms to give HR enough time to evaluate how an employee’s time off work may affect production.

4. The Company

Use an online vacation request form to save resources and increase efficiency in the workplace. We can prevent staff shortages and scheduling conflicts by keeping managers and HR personnel on top of things. Avoid potential errors in the approval process that could impact the business workflow and affect production.

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