This Weeks Exits off of The Comic Con Highway

Here is your List of  EXITS off of the COMIC CON HIGHWAY. This list will  AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE WEEKLY so feel free to bookmark it, and make your plans to visit your local events.  The Focus is where some of the 1ofUs Creators  who will be attending Cons in the area and if we don't have a 1ofUs  Creator  Featured we use who has the best lists and we have teamed up with to make the Comic con Highway that much better.

The Comic Con Exits Video
Here is our Video for the Comic-Con Exits
In 2018 The WrittenSiNs Highway will showcase Exits where creators are.  But so that we do not leave any Con Behind we have teamed up to ensure that we let the Sinners and Fans know where Cons are going on Across the Globe!

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