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Stranger Things

Set in the town of Hawkins, Indiana Stranger Things takes us on a nostalgic trip back to the Eighties when knitted sweaters and dungarees were all the rage. Stranger Things are happening in Hawkins, however, than just the fashion sense and the nearby Hawkins National Laboratory is doing some extraordinary experiments that have opened up a new realm of paranormal activity and an alternate dimension that’s wreaking havoc for the local population.

You still think Back to the Future was the best movie ever made and simply won't let go of those classic Eighties slouch socks even though all your friends hate them. Watching TV without a bowl of something to snack on just isn't an option for you and you sometimes get the feeling that not only have you been blessed with special powers, but you may feel more comfortable in the Upside Down than in our current dimension.

The Good Place

Regardless of our religious beliefs, most of us hope to end up in The Good Place rather than the bad one after our time on earth is up. If, however, you’re like Eleanor Shellstrop, upon getting there you may feel you’ve ended up in the wrong place. The criminally indecisive shouldn’t be in The Good Place, should they? Still, we all have the capacity to be better human beings and, when The Good Place turns out to be the Bad Place, Eleanor and her friends are given a second chance.

You love to laugh and that sometimes gets in the way of you being a good person. Your friends love you and tolerate your tendency for sarcasm on the basis that you’re always willing to share your movie-time jelly beans. Despite your sense of humor, you’re a thoughtful person who has a philosophical approach to the concepts like the afterlife.

Black Mirror

In the not so distant future, the amalgamation of advanced technology and humanity’s inherent weaknesses create a world of surveillance and paranoia. Inspired by anthology-type series like The Twilight Zone, this award-winning series reminds us of the dark side of technology, represented by the Black Mirror of the silent TV screen, as well as its potential benefits. Terrifying viewers with visions of a spookily technological future, Black Mirror questions whether humanism or nihilism will triumph in the end.

Your love of technology leaves you wishing you could be cryogenically frozen and come back in a few years when gadgets have finally caught up with your imagination. You’re cunning and adventurous, although your friends sometimes think you’re a little too dangerous for your own good. Most of your time is spent in a fantasy world and you’re all too familiar with both the Black Mirror and blue screen of death.


Crime doesn’t pay and the drugs don’t work, but, if you’ve been watching Narcos, you’d be forgiven for thinking the opposite. Following the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar before moving north to Mexico to meet up with kingpin Felix Gallardo, Narcos is all about drugs and money. Set in the Eighties, it sports more than its fair share of mustaches and dodgy haircuts coupled with some insightful political commentary and controversial insights into institutional corruption.

You love a documentary as much as a drama, which is why Narcos sums you up. Despite your best efforts, you just can't leave the Eighties behind and still sport your mirrored sunglasses at every opportunity. With your keen economic brain, the concept of making big bucks in big business gets your heart racing while your rather dangerous personality puts you on a par with the likes of Escobar, the King of Cocaine.


This psychological thriller tracks the growing infatuation of bookstore manager and cyberstalker Joe Goldberg. Obsessed with the ambitious writer, Guinevere Beck, Goldberg exploits the lack of online privacy in our modern digital age. The series explores just how far we're willing to go for love and how dangerous a man with a traumatic past and a powerful sense of entitlement really can be.

You’re something of a romantic, although your friends say it’s due to naivety rather than ardor. You spend more time on social media than is really good for you, and have the ability to suspend disbelief to the point that You left you looking over your digital shoulder for six whole weeks. You’re a traditionalist and prefer popcorn to chocolate when watching a movie, in fact, your lack of a sweet tooth is a clear indication that you’re already sweet and caring enough as you are.
Money Heist

This carefully balanced Spanish series leaves viewers struggling to decide whether they're on the side of the villains or the police. Its terrible title belies a brilliant and complex plot in which a team of masked men plans the virtually insurmountable task of robbing the Royal Mint of Spain. Money Heist offers a sophisticated combination of political messages and psychological puzzles.

You’re very much a product of the Nineties and have little time for theories that aren’t backed up by scientific evidence. You like the challenge of a puzzle and are known for your bravery. You fancy yourself as a being as expert a planner as The Professor himself and find the mind-bending twists and subversive elements of Money Heist reflect how your own mind operates. Fearless and practical, you wouldn't be out of place in The Professor’s gang.
The OA

When a young blind woman returns after a seven-year absence, her sight has been mysteriously restored and she calls herself as The Original Angel. Merging aspects of sci-fi with thrilling drama, The OA takes viewers on a spiritual journey that both goes beyond the limits of life on earth and plunges deep into the heart of what it actually means to be human. The OA reveals a world where the line between fiction and fact becomes increasingly blurred.

Torn between your love of science fiction and your fervor for fantasy, you’re the first to let your imagination run away with you. In fact, even your friends’ imaginations run away with you which leads them to conclude that you’re something of a dreamer. Most evenings find you ensconced on the sofa with a big bowl of spaghetti, streaming Netflix but you also love a good book, especially at the weekends.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This supernatural series sees the reincarnation of Sabrina Spellman, better known as the original Teenage Witch, but this time, she’s more involved in the Dark Arts than ever before. The new Sabrina is the daughter of a Satan-worshipping warlock and a human mother who happily embrace the Unseen Arts as she undergoes her coming-of-age Dark Baptism. Sabrina’s internal conflict rages as she struggles to choose between her human friends and her future as a full-blown witch.

You’re certainly not the run of the mill and most of your friends are drawn to your quirky nature and smart-arse comments. You love horror as much as fantasy and wish you’d lived in the dark days of the Twenties when ghosts could still hide in the shadows and the devil was in the detail. You love history and its never-ending account of good versus evil, but fear the possibility of dark magic.

The Crown

This sumptuous and expensive drama explores the British royal family’s struggle with tradition and ritual and its attempts to keep up with the times while its power continues to dwindle. Starting just prior to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, this historical series reveals the pressures on the royal family to remain stoically neutral on political matters and the focus on duty over individuality.

A patient person who’ll ration their jelly bean consumption so the last one is chewed as the credits begin to roll, you’re drawn to the elegance and simplicity of the Forties. Drama is as much a part of your life as it is central to your weekly Netflix fix but your preference is for fact-based stories entrenched in history. You’re a charismatic person but a reluctant leader who prefers tradition to innovation and history to futuristic fantasy. Indecisive, yet loyal, you’re a thinker rather than a doer.

Making a Murder

The Making a Murderer documentary series has had some serious implications for the star of the show, Stephen Avery. First convicted of sexual assault and murder in 1985, Avery was exonerated after 18 years in prison, only be arrested again two years later for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Making a Murderer has shed new light on Avery’s latest conviction, resulting in the possibility of a new trial which supporters hope will result in the accused’s release.

You have a pragmatic approach to both life and entertainment, preferring biographies to novels and documentaries to dramas. You studied law so fancy yourself as a bit of a legal eagle and, although you don't spend much time watching TV, when a documentary like Making a Murderer comes along, you’re quickly hooked. You love the consumerism and confidence of the Fifties and can’t wait to move out to the suburbs.