How Good Are You At Staying Safe Online?

Take SecureThought's quiz to find out how safe your online practices really are?

Do you use a VPN while you surf the web on public Wi-Fi?
How often do you change your account passwords?
Do you use an Antivirus to keep your computer malware-free?
Do you accept Facebook Friend Requests from people you don't know personally?
Do you save your credit card information to your browser while shopping online?
Do you open emails from unknown senders?
And finally, are your social media accounts private?

It seems the whole technological revolution of the past 20 years has completely passed you by. You’re not just naïve, you’re hopelessly optimistic, putting too much faith and way too much information in the hands of strangers.

You seem to be under the impression that, because you’re browsing the internet from the safety of your own home, the digital world you enter is just as safe. It's very much time to wake up and smell the technology.

No, you don’t need to post a photograph of your credit card on Instagram nor do you want to be performing online transactions without the combined protection of a VPN and a reliable antivirus program.

Get with the program before it’s too late and your bank account is emptied on the sly, your identity quietly does the rounds on the Dark Web, and your smartphone silently dies thanks to a particularly vicious malware infection.

There's Hope For You

Ok, so you’re not completely in the dark when it comes to cyber threats, but your current level of awareness is about as effective as a brown paper bag is at keeping you dry in a thunderstorm.

It's time to upgrade your attitude and your cybersecurity software. A VPN can't protect you if it's not connected and an antivirus that's gathering dust in the nether regions of your hard drive can't do much against zero-day attacks.

Accepting every friend request you get simply because you like the profile pic is also not doing your online presence any good. You’re leaving digital footprints all over the place and it’s time to stop sleeping on the job and embrace a new cybersecurity regime with a good VPN and a better antivirus.

As for your credit card details – get a password manager and stop leaving the key to your finances lying around.


That’s more like it! You’ve got a good grasp of the threats lurking in cyberspace and you’ve started taking sensible precautions. Unfortunately, you haven’t yet plugged all the necessary gaps and leaving your credit card details on your browser is a big mistake and one that cybercriminals are only too willing to make you regret.

Your antivirus is there to protect you so use it! Similarly, why not use your VPN if you’ve got one? You could find that streaming the latest season of Big Little Lies is a lot faster and less pixelated if you keep your VPN on all the time.

Curiosity killed the cat, you know, so if you can’t stop yourself from opening that intriguing email from a stranger who wants to give you their life’s savings, get an antivirus program that will block them before curiosity gets the better of you.


Nothing’s getting past you! Not only do you have ultimate online protection in the form of one of a great VPN, but you're also keeping your connected devices squeaky clean with the antivirus software.

Getting into your online accounts is as challenging as breaking into Fort Knox and if anyone’s stupid enough to steal your smartphone, you’ll have tracked them down and photographed them before they can even start guessing at your screen lock password.

Not only have you got the latest technology locking down your device and wiping out your digital tracks, but you use your noodle when online, avoiding unnecessary risks and taking a safety-conscious approach to your social media interactions.

Your passwords are original, and you change them regularly, while your credit card details locked away in an encrypted storage vault. With a password manager keeping track of your sensitive data, your device protected with the latest cybersecurity technology and your private status on social media means you are as bullet-proof as can be. Awesomeness.