How innovative are you?

With new technologies and Gen-Z workers leading the way, the struggle to create a company culture that drives innovation and explores new ideas is definitely real. Take the following quiz and learn what kind of innovator you are.
I actively monitor emerging trends and think about threats and opportunities.
I work cross-functionally within my organization to identify new ideas. I support and engage in a collaborative culture.
I regularly challenge assumptions and processes.
My organization has adequate resources (staffing, funding, leadership, cross-functional management) to support and successfully implement new ideas.
I feel empowered to try new things at work.
I make an effort to understand different perspectives and ideas.
I am comfortable openly communicating with my colleagues.
I’m not afraid to fail.
My organization encourages innovation.
Pragmatic Professional

While you recognize that innovation is important and needs to happen in order to stay on top of your game, it’s not supported by your organization’s culture or processes. Innovation is not top of mind, and happens once in a while. What’s next? Utilize external resources, make innovative initiatives a priority and build from there. Start your innovation journey through these resources. Visit to learn more.

Early Strategist

You’re a solid innovator but there’s lots of competition in your peer group making it hard to take on new, innovative opportunities. The focus tends to be on incremental improvements instead of game-changing innovations. What’s next? Focus on the gaps and big-picture changes to ignite your strategic voice. Continue on your innovation journey through these resources. Visit to learn more.

High-Level Visionary

Your company understands the need for strategic innovation and is positioned to remain a leading innovator in your industry. Innovation is visible in your company culture and services. What’s next? Ensure your company continues to anticipate customer needs, new technologies and trends so it stays at the forefront as things evolve. Stay on track in your innovation journey through these resources. Visit to learn more.