How well do you know teens today?

Want to better connect with (reach, inform and/or inspire) youth? Knowing how they communicate, where they feel valued and what they are interested in will help! Take this quiz to "hear" from Atlanta-area and Georgia teens through this year's regional Teen Survey conducted by the team at VOX ATL.
What do Atlanta-area teens really want to do in their free time?
66% of respondents said they wanted to be in a space designed for teens. A close second was work a part-time job (64%). Teens today are focused on their future, too. 53% wanted career-related experiences, and 48% said they'd like to volunteer.
What influences how teens spend their out-of-school hours the most?
"I thought it would be school," writes one teen data analyst from VOX ATL, "so I think it could really show that teens would go out of their way to participate if given the opportunity."
Where do teens get their information & news today?
86% of respondents said they get their news from social media. Digital news sites was second (at 63%).
Which media platforms are most widely used today? (Where will you find ATL-area teens in the digital space?)
While TikTok usage is on the rise (54% of respondents say they use this often), the top social media platform teens use is Instagram (76% use it often and only 6% said they never use IG). Only 39% said they often use Snapchat nowadays -- down from previous years.
STRESS! What causes the most stress for youth today?
By far, teens say school causes the most stress (74%), but the next answers were close: 51% of respondents said body image/appearance and (51%) also said life after high school. Family challengs was close behind at 50%.
How do teens say they prefer to relieve stress?
Making something creative was teens #1 choice (56%). Talking to a friend was second (47%). Seeking support from a parent/guardian or trusted adult came in last at 20%.
What topics are most important to teens today?

Discrimination (85%) was respondents' top concern by far. Arts & Culture (72%) and Mental Health (70%) closely followed. VOX ATL's teen-generated content is reflective of these top interests and needs. For example:

Speaking of mental health … What percentage of teens said they know someone who has had suicidal thoughts?
87% of respondents know someone who has had suicidal thoughts.
61% said they have had suicidal thoughts themselves.
Access to mental health care is clearly important. What do teens say stops them from getting care?
70% said "I don't feel ok asking for help," even though 67% also said teens they know talk openly about mental health.
  • Cost (66%) and not knowing how to access care (45%) followed.
  • 43% said parent/guardian said "no" to mental health care.
How can I hear more from teens today to stay informed?
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No matter what your "score" on this "quiz," we appreciate your commitment to youth and your willingness to listen to what young people have to say about their lives today, because we're all still learning by listening. Thank you for joining VOX ATL in the youth voice movement, where teens from diverse backgrounds create a stronger, more equitable community.

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