What Type Of Dater Are You?

When searching for true love, you come across different people and personalities. This quiz will help you determine what kind of dater you are, and might even assist you in recognizing the type of dater sitting in front of you in your next date.
What is your preferred date activity?
Who should pay the bill on a 1st date?
Should girls make the first move?
Before meeting someone for the first time, you:
You arrive on a first date and find that you don't like your date's looks. What do you do?
Your date seems to be the person of your dreams. But there is just this one thing about them that really bothers you. What will you do?
You are on a first date and it turns out it is your date's birthday. You:
After a really great first date you would:
After a fun first date, as you are walking to your car, you realize your date is going to walk home. What would you do?
How do you prefer to meet potential dates?
The Old-Fashioned Romantic
You are a true romantic in every sense of the word. You make your date feel special and important. You prefer to take your time early on in the relationship to get to know each other. You are genuinely kind, and would make a true effort to make your partner happy. While your old-fashioned approach is very appealing to many, some may find you overly conservative. Stay true to yourself, but don't forget to be open-minded.
The "List Maker"
You are a perfectionist. You are a high-quality person and you expect the same from the person in front of you. You know exactly what you are looking for, and have a very vivid idea of what your true match should be like. You are very practical, and probably take the time to do a thorough investigation on your date before even meeting them. When people don't meet your criteria, you are quick to move on without looking back. Stay true to yourself, but keep in mind that there is no such thing as perfect. You might find your true match sooner if you are willing to make compromises.
The Charmer
You know how to make your date feel special. You have great social and communication skills and you certainly know how to flatter. People feel comfortable around you and a date with you hardly ever feels awkward. You are a people person and you are always friendly and charming to the person you are with. While your intentions are good, if not romantically interested, you may unintentionally make a wrong impression on your date.
The Open-Minded Dater
You are one of those rare, hard-to-find daters. While you know what you are worth, you are also realistic, and you understand how hard it is to find an ideal match. You also understand that people are complex and that it takes a while to really get to know someone. You are a people person, you are not quick to judge others, and being a curious person, you are willing to give different people a chance. Unlike many other daters, you often enjoy dates regardless of their outcome as you meet interesting people along the way.