Opinion Stage vs. Ion interactive vs. SnapApp Pricing vs. Value

In this article, we'll compare 3 popular interactive content platforms for B2B scenarios: Opinion Stage, Ion Interactive, and Snapapp. We'll compare: tool variety, ease of use, performance & integrations. We will also compare Opinion Stage, Ion Interactive, and Snapapp pricing vs. value

From a recent poll we conducted, it turns out that most content marketers focused on 5 main categories when selecting an interactive content marketing platform: Tool variety, Ease of creation, Price, Performance & Integration options.

Let's dive into the details and do a quick side by side comparison based on these 5 criteria.

Tool Variety

The first thing to ask when evaluating an interactive content platform is what tools it provides. It is important that it offers both a wide variety of tools, but also that it offers the tools that are important for you.

Ion Interactive offers the following tools:

(1)   Assessments
(2)   Calculators
(3)   Ebooks
(4)   Interactive Infographics
(5)   Interactive white papers
(6)   Landing Pages
(7)   Lookbooks
(8)   Quizzes
(9)   Resource Library
(10) Interactive solutions finder

SnapApp offers the following tools:

(1) Calculators
(2) Personality tests
(3) Contest and sweepstakes
(4) Polls and Surveys
(5) Interactive Infographics
(6) Brackets
(7) Galleries
(8) Knowledge Tests & Assessments

OpinionStage offers the following tools:

(1) Polls for running contests and competitions
(2) Polls for opinion gathering
(3) Surveys
(4) Slideshows
(5) Trivia quizzes
(6) Personality quizzes
(7) Lists
(8) Forms
(9) Interactive stories
(10) Landing pages

Ease of creation

As in any other content creation platform, the ease of creation is super important as it will eventually determine how often the platform is used and the cost-effectiveness of using it to create content on an ongoing basis

Ion Interactive

The learning curve is a bit steep. You need experienced people working with the platform and to give them the time it takes to learn how to properly use it. Sometimes, even the most basic tasks can be confusing.


For the basic stuff, the platform is quite intuitive, but the logic becomes more complex in the more advanced parts of the platform. You have to go through quite a bit of training in order to be able to fully master the software. 

Opinion Stage

The interface is very intuitive to use, making it easy to create different types of content for your different goals. There is an interface for searching free images and videos which makes it easier to enrich the content with visual resources. Opinion Stage also has an excellent WordPress Plugin that makes it easy to integrate the content on your WordPress site.

Opinion Stage vs. Ion Interactive vs. Snapapp Pricing

A major buying factor will always be the cost. Does the platform give you the value for your money? 

Ion Interactive

This platform could be a bit pricey especially for small teams or start-ups.

Their "Build Anything" SaaS plan subscriptions is $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year - enabling the creation, testing and measurement of an unlimited number of interactive experiences.

Next plan is their Creative Services that cost $6,000 per month or $72,000 per year in which they will create five interactive content marketing experiences for you. 

On the upper end, Ion Interactive offers an enterprise plan which is tailored to your requirements. In this plan, they manage and execute your interactive content marketing program, interactive journey planning, management, and analysis.

Ion Interactive requires a yearly commitment in all plans.


These are the pricnig tiers offered at SnapApp:

Starter - $1650/month (or $19,800 per year) offers 10 pieces of content, 2 users

Basic - $2400/month ($28,800 per year), offers 24 pieces of content, 5 users

Professional - $3600/month ($43,200 per year), 48 pieces of content, 10 users

Enterprise - custom pricing available on request, unlimited content.

SnapApp requires a yearly commitment in all plans.

Opinion Stage

Cost for this platform is a sure winner!

If you are a small business , the Business plan starts at $99/month (or $780 yearly). If you are a larger brand, the recommended plan is the performance plan which is $249/month (or $2388 per year). This plan offers unlimited leads, premium support and up to 1 million views/month.

Opinion Stage also offers additional services like custom developments, content creation and campaign design with a quote that starts at $1000.

Opinion Stage offers a 7-day trial so you can test spin the platform.

Month-to-month subscription, no lock-in contracts, downgrade and upgrade anytime. Significant savings when you go for a yearly plan.


Delivering a responsive application that loads quickly and with no problems, is just as important as shipping a highly interactive piece of software that intelligently engages and impresses users.

Consider this, if an application is inconvenient and slow, users will immediately leave your content page. 

Ion Interactive

All the templates and tools are fully responsive and mobile compatible.
Loading times are good and the application responses quickly to user interactions
Offers analytics and reporting options that let you optimize the performance of the content


All the templates and tools are fully responsive and mobile compatible.
Loading times are good and the application responses quickly to user interactions
Offers analytics and reporting options that let you optimize the performance of the content

Opinion Stage 

All the templates and tools are fully responsive and mobile compatible.
Loading times are good and the application responses quickly to user interactions
Offers analytics and reporting options that let you optimize the performance of the content.

Opinion Stage has a special focus on lead generation scenarios and deep integrations with ad-providers that help you optimize your ad-marketing spend when promoting their interactive content pieces. It also has a pixel module for re-marketing purpose.


A great interactive content marketing tool should work hand-in-hand with your existing marketing software. Good integration with your CRM and Marketing Automation tools will help you streamline your content campaigns which will ultimately lead to more revenue.

All 3 platforms offer a wide range of integrations with 3rd party marketing software including native integrations for the more popular options (e.g. mailchimp, salesforce, etc) and custom integrations that work just as good with less popular ones. 

The all have social sharing integrations with social networks, although Opinion Stage is the only one that has a social login integrated into the tools. Opinion Stage also offers a very good WordPress plugin to further ease the creation of content if you run a WordPress site.


As you can see, each one of the 3 platforms has it's advantages & disadvantages.

All 3 platforms offer a wide variety of tools, but it's worth checking if the platform of choice includes tools you must have. For example, if interactive whitepapers is a must for you, then go for ion interactive which offers that tool.

In terms of performance & 3rd party integrations all platforms either already have the 3rd party integration in place or will make the extra mile to make the integration happen. If you are using WordPress, than that's a good reason to prefer Opinion Stage as they have a good native plugin for WordPress.

If you are looking for a more cost-effective solution that also excels in ease-of-creation and performance then Opinion Stage is probably the way to go.

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