What kind of wedding ceremony is right for you?

You've found your person and you've decided to get married - congrats!

So, what kind of ceremony do you both want?

Working this out early in the planning process means:
  1. the search for your perfect celebrant/officiant will be quicker and easier
  2. you can create a ceremony that feels comfortable and relevant for you, and
  3. you'll get super clear on what's important to you, so you can make informed decisions with the rest of your wedding too!
Let's see what makes you guys tick!

Do you and/or your fiancé identify with a particular religion or faith?
Thinking about your wedding day - what's most important to you?
When it comes to your vows, you imagine that..
How many guests are you thinking of inviting?
Thinking about how you and your fiancé interact in social situations, would you say that..
Personalised & authentic full service civil wedding ceremony

You know that your ceremony will set the tone for your entire wedding day, so it needs to feel warm, natural and unmistakably you.

Your values of honouring your close relationships, creating memories together and celebrating your relationship your way makes you my type of couple!

If you want to have a chat and see if I would be a good fit as your celebrant, I'd love to hear from you.

Short & sweet, elopement-style ceremony

You need a ceremony that feels relaxed, natural and unmistakably you, but maybe without the massive bridal party, the "love and obey" bit and seemingly endless Shakespearean readings, yes?

Your values of making special memories and celebrating your relationship YOUR way makes you my type of couple!

If you want to have a chat to see if I'd be a good fit as your celebrant, I'd love to hear from you.

Just the legals, thanks!

No frills, no personalised vows, you just need to get married as quickly and easily as possible, right?

If you are both at least 18 years of age, are not too closely related and are not married to someone else, all I need:

* is at least 1-month notice (depending on my availability),

* to sight your original I.D. in person (birth certificates or passports),

* some photo I.D. (your driver's license is acceptable),

* (if married previously) proof of marriage dissolution, and

* $600 incl GST

If you'd like to find out more about how I conduct your simple, legal marriage ceremony at my home office, I'd love to hear from you.

A religious ceremony in a church/mosque/synagogue

You and your fiancé place a high value on your religion or faith which will, in turn, play an important role in your married life together.

It makes sense that your wedding ceremony is conducted in alignment with your beliefs.

Unfortunately, as a civil marriage celebrant in Australia, I am unable to perform a religious ceremony, but I wish you all the best for your special day.

You might want to search the Attorney-General's list of Ministers of Religion for Recognised Denominations to find the perfect celebrant/officiant for you.

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