Which Twenty Seven Scent Are You?

Answer these questions about yourself, and we'll tell you which one of our scents best fits you!
Choose your dream house!
Which cake would you most like for your birthday?
Pick a favorite Wes Anderson scene:
What color palette is your favorite?
Pick a feeling
Pick a meme cat
Pick a floral arrangement
Choose a Michael Scott!
Pick a retro pattern
final question! *Take a breath* try to imagine how each of these images smells, and pick the one you think you'd like the best.
Indoor Sunshine
You are pure sunshine! You brighten up your friends on cloudy days, and have a knack for knowing how to cheer someone up. Your laughter is contagious, and you are a dear friend to so many who know you.

Your best match is the Indoor Sunshine blend of pineapple, goji berry, mango, and driftwood. It smells like the color yellow on a breezy day!

Mod Blue
You are so good at encouraging your friends. You are organized, love a good system, but also have a big spark of creativity! You love a clean home, a burning candle, and a good conversation with a close friend.

You fit perfectly with our Mod Blue scent - which is a bright and airy blend of eucalyptus, sea salt, & wild sage. It smells like a clean summer sky, a dip in the ocean, and a trip with the windows down!

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Hazy Sunset
You are quick to reach out to friends, quick to laugh at yourself, and were probably voted most likely to stop and smell the roses. You fill the room with your glow, and might just maybe laugh a lot more than most people you know.

Hazy Sunset smells like a linen dress, a bubbly orange mimosa, and sweet citrus groves of a FL summer day. This blend of sweet citrus best fits your personality!

Sparkling Emerald
You're a lover of the arts and well read. You're drawn more towards edginess, and may every now and then must follow up a sentence with "pardon my french." You have a pair of boots that are a bit questionable. And you've got better taste than all your friends.

Sparkling Emerald may remind you of an old fashioned, a velvet loveseat, and soft music playing. This blend of tobacco, smoky woods, and sweet citrus is the perfect mix of moody and sweet.

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You love details, quality, and beauty. You have a potted plant in every room of your house. You are drawn to the different & unique and like to subtly stand out. You love a good coffee, a breezy day, and a favorite book.

Terrazzo is your scent! It's an earthy blend of french lavender, tender greens, and has a woody finish. It's an everyday magic scent!