What Wetland Bird Are You?

Have you ever wondered which Rosewood Nature Study bird species you are?
Step into the wetland by taking this quiz and find out what bird embodies your spirit?
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Hooded Merganser!

You are a Hooded Merganser! You are a free bird! You are unconditionally you and you don’t care who knows it. You dive head first into any situation in life and do it with no regrets. People pride you on being so adaptable throughout your life. You have a strong nurturing quality about you and everyone values your opinion.

Hooded Mergansers can be found in small bodies of freshwater ponds, rivers or wetlands. The male have black above and the females have brown on the head, they both have collapsible crests that make their head look oversized and oblong, hence the name hooded! They are known to be excellent divers to search for their prey underwater! They have the ability to change the refractive properties of their eyes to improve their underwater vision. They also have an extra eyelid which is transparent and helps protect the eye during swimming. Mergansers typically feed on small fish, aquatic insects, crustaceans and even amphibians. Because of their serrated bills they are able to have a broader diet than other mergansers.

Red-Tailed Hawk!

You are a Red-tailed Hawk! You are the most loyal and courageous out of your friend group. You are the epitome of strength and glide through life with ease. Having patience is one of your strong suits. You have a good eye for situations in life just like a hawk. People trust your judgement and look to you for advice or decision making.

Red-tail Hawks are a bird of the open country. You’ll most likely see Red-tailed Hawks soaring in wide circles high over a field. They have a keen eye and are extremely efficient hunters; always on the hunt for small rodents. They are such beautiful creatures who spend the majority of their time perched high above searching and hunting for their prey. Red-tails are monogamous and mate for life. This means that mating pairs are very territorial and will remain together for years. They are the 2nd largest hawk species in North America!

Great Blue Heron!

You are a Great Blue Heron! You move with grace and have the utmost patience throughout life. You are a go with the flow kind of person and this allows you to navigate life with ease. People look to you for your wisdom and knowledge, knowing that you will stay grounded and humble. You are an introverted extrovert as they say, always determined and moving forward!

Great Blue Herons are majestic and graceful animals. They can be found in shallow marshes, wetlands or swamps and love to forage in any kind of calm freshwater or slow-moving river. They are expert fishers mainly feeding on fish, amphibians, aquatic insects and mice. They are known for their long legs and long “S” shaped neck which allows them to strike quickly and retract their prey back. Their physique makes them very majestic and graceful creatures.

You are a Killdeer! You are extremely smart, witty, and independent, and know how to get what you want in life without harming anyone in the process. As an extrovert, you love spending time around others and can get along easily with people from all walks of life. You thrive as a storyteller and conversation holder at any gathering.

Killdeer are shorebirds that are part of the plover family. They are very successful living in close proximity to humans, giving them an advantage over other shorebirds. They are opportunistic foragers and feed on mostly invertebrates. When predators venture too close to their nests, they will perform the broken wing display by pretending to have a broken wing to lure predators away from the nest and towards the adult. When the predator gets close enough, they will fly away, leaving the predator perplexed. Killdeer populations remain large and stable.

Northern Harrier!

You are a Northern Harrier! By day you are graceful and elegant, and by night your dance moves are unparalleled at any party. Although you thrive when you’re alone, you value the intimacy of several close friendships and use your gift of listening to strengthen these relationships.

Northern Harriers are a common bird of prey in the Northern Hemisphere, and are often found in open habitats. They rely heavily on their sense of hearing to hunt for prey, and are characterized as opportunistic hunters, meaning they will eat what is available at any given time. During courtship, males will perform a “sky dancing” display to attract the attention of the female. They can be distinguished from other birds of prey by their owl-like faces, low flying pattern, and their white rump patch. Although they are common, their populations are slowly declining due to a loss of open habitat and a loss of prey from overgrazing and pesticide use.

Belted Kingfisher!

You are a Belted Kingfisher! You are an outspoken individual, unafraid to live independently and take risks in your daily life. You are energetic and full of energy, often putting your full effort into the recreational activities that you pursue.

Belted Kingfishers are common to see near wetlands and other bodies of water, often seen perched alone. When flying, they produce a loud, rattling call which often brings attention to their presence before they are seen. In addition, they are also easy to distinguish from other birds due to their large shaggy blue crest and breast band. Females also possess a rust colored band on their bellies. They are agile hunters, hovering and diving directly into water from above in order to catch fish swimming below.

Red Winged Blackbird!

You are a Red Winged Black Bird! You stand out among the rest like the distinct red wing. You are bold and outgoing with always so much to say. You are loud with your voice and definitely know how to speak your mind. Being a part of a family unit is important to you and you value your friends and family over anything.

Red Winged Black Birds are likely to be one of the most common birds you see and hear where there is standing water and vegetation. They can be found sitting in cattails or nesting throughout wetlands or marshes. RWB typically build their nests low among vertical shoots of marsh vegetation, shrubs, or trees. Males spend much of the breeding season sitting on a high perch over their territories and singing their hearts out. Females tend to slink through reeds and grasses collecting food or nest material. Both males and females defend nests from intruders and predators.

Green Winged Teal!

You are a Green Winged Teal! You are very strong, resilient, and independent, and can overcome hardships with ease. You have always been self-sufficient and have an innate desire to step out of your comfort zone. You prefer to move from place to place to experience all the beauty and culture the world has to offer. You are also a great athlete thanks to your natural speed and agility.

Green Winged Teals are a small dabbling duck species that can be found in wetland and estuaries during wintertime. In spring and summer, they migrate to the arctic to breed, and are the third most abundant breeder in the arctic. They eat mostly plant material and forage by wading or swimming in shallow water. The young leave their parents the first few hours after hatching, and are able to find their own food. They are often found in or near beaver ponds, but also live in wooded or grassy pond areas.