Find out what your coffee says about you

Most people who love coffee are loyal to their favorite cup.

This quiz was made solely for the purpose of fun coffee culture--

Love, Three Ships Coffee
How do you take your coffee?
What’s your Go-To "black medicine" maker? (how do you brew at home)
How Many Cups /Espresso Shots Do You Drink in a Day?
Who do you SIP with?
What’s most important to you?
Favorite type of Roast?
Which tasting notes are you most attracted to?
Favorite Three Ships Treat?
I Drink Coffee for...
Black Coffee
You might prefer Home Depot over Ikea, but if you add too much
[insert alt. Milk additive] you might need Pinterest to help you with your remodel.

But, in all seriousness you love our coffee the way it was intended!


You prefer the sweeter side of life, coffee makes you feel warm and cozy..

A perfect self care day is wrapped up on the couch with your favorite feline/ furry friend while binging "Tiny homes" on Netflix.

"It's not you..It's me (and not enough coffee)"
You might be a person who is almost ready to make the jump to black coffee but is still hanging on to a bit of sweetness
(yes our ALM milk is just that good, I don’t blame you)

...Or you might just be a little overwhelmed by the cafe menu, panic, then order.

"Too cool for school"

You are fashion forward, like Jeff Goldblum.
You can be found reading the New York Times while listening to Bjork/Frank Ocean.

One step closer to a coffee connoisseur...

“I just haven’t found what I’m looking for".. Maybe it’s you!

Sometime's learning about coffee is overwhelming and confusing-- But, if you find yourself in the cafe, take a minute and talk to one of our friendly barista's.

Pour Over
Hey there good looking...

You prefer taste over timing and require a lot of patience.
You love trying new coffee's and comparing them to a perfect pour that you once had before.
Try to accept the cup for what it is instead of what you want it to be.
Cold Brew
You're not afraid to.. "take a walk on the wild side"--

You will be ready for whatever adventure.. or household chore comes your way.