Liverpool FC in Quotes

Do you know who said these famous quotes on the Reds?
About which club did Bill Shankly famously say: “If [blank] were playing at the bottom of the garden I’d shut the curtains”?
“Take that bandage off! And what do you mean your knee? It’s Liverpool’s knee!” – Which injured player did Bill Shankly say this to?
In his first press conference as Reds boss, Jurgen Klopp described himself as...
Which legendary ‘keeper said this great line: "Sometimes I feel I’m hardly wanted in this Liverpool team. If I get two or three saves to make I’ve had a busy day.”
Which transfer target was Bill Shankly talking about when he comically said: "He couldn't play anyway. I only wanted him for the reserve team!"
Which opposing manager said: “I felt the power of Anfield, it was magnificent.”
Who infamously described his time playing abroad after leaving Anfield as, “it was like playing in a foreign country”?
Which Anfield legend inspired the now Kop classic derby-day chant with this quote: "Liverpool are magic. Everton are tragic.”
"Mind you, I've been here during the bad times too - one year we came second." - A classic line from which former boss?
Which manager said this Bill Shankly-esque quote: “There are those who say maybe I should forget about football. Maybe I should forget about breathing.”
“You’d be better off talking to my baby. She’s only six weeks old but you’d get more sense from her than him!” - Which rival did King Kenny say this about?
Which Chelsea player said this of the Anfield atmosphere in the 2005 Champions League semi-final: “I have never heard anything like it before and I don’t think I ever will again. It is the best atmosphere I’ve ever played in."
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