How well do you know Liverpool's four summer arrivals?

Four new faces arrived at Anfield this summer, but how much do you know about Alisson, Naby Keita, Fabinho and Xherdan Shaqiri?
Which country does Naby Keita represent?
Liverpool signed Alisson from Roma, but which Brazilian club did the Italian side buy the ‘keeper from?
What is Fabinho's full name?
Xherdan Shaqiri caught the footballing world's attention at World Cup 2014 when he scored a hat-trick against which country?
Naby Keita adopts the name of which former Portuguese star as his nickname?
Which of the new arrivals is a Champions League winner?
Identify the missing club from Naby Keita's career path: FC Istres - X - RB Leipzig - Liverpool
Which Italian club did Xherdan Shaqiri spend six months at in 2015?
Alisson shares the same birthday as which teammate?
Which European giant did Fabinho join on loan in 2013?
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