The hardest Liverpool FC of all-time: Version 1, 2018

Forget Chris Rea at Christmas, LFC statistician Ged Rea puts 25 obscure posers for you to test your ultimate Reds' knowledge.
Who was the first Liverpool player to win the "Alan Hardaker Trophy?"
It was McManaman - the award being the name of the League Cup final man of the match award in 1995.
Name the only team that Liverpool have ever played in a F.A. Cup tie during the month of December?
It was Huddersfield, in 1999. A third round tie that the Reds won 2-0 thanks to goals from Titi Camara and Dominic Matteo.
What is the highest number of games Liverpool have ever played in a season?

67 in season 1983-84.

Who were Liverpool’s opponents when they featured in the first game to be played in Britain under a closed roof?
The 2001 Charity Shield at the Millennium Stadium.
Who is the last Liverpool outfield player to appear in every game of a league campaign?
It was Skrtel in 2010-11.
Which player has made most Premier League appearances for Liverpool wearing the number 7 shirt?
It's Milner, with 112 appearances (as of 25.12.18), with Suarez on 110.
When Liverpool famously won 4-1 at Old Trafford in March 2009, which player was injured in the warm-up and replaced in the starting XI by Sami Hyypia?
Which player made most appearances for Liverpool in the now defunct European Cup Winners' Cup?
Who has scored most away goals for Liverpool in a single Premier League season?
It was Suarez, with 14 goals away from Anfield in 2013-14.
Name the last visiting team to record their first ever league win at Anfield?
Swansea's win at Liverpool in 2017 was their first ever at Anfield.
In what year were seats installed at Anfield under the Main Stand to replace terracing in the paddock?
Prior to an Anfield clash against which team was Michael Owen presented with the Ballon D'Or in 2002?
Only three Liverpool players have scored at least one goal in more than 13 successive seasons. Steven Gerrard (16 seasons), Billy Liddell (15) are two. Who did so in 14 in a row?
Which player with six minutes to his name has the shortest ever Liverpool career?
Roque, who sadly passed away in 2012 aged just 23, appeared for the Reds as a substitute against Galatasaray in December 2006 - playing for the final six minutes.
Who is the only sole Liverpool manager never to lose a game in Europe?
Hodgson oversaw 10 Europa League games, winning six and drawing four, but never losing.
Who was the last former Liverpool player to leave Anfield and then make his debut for his new club against the Reds?
It was Glen Johnson, who made his debut for Stoke against Liverpool.
Darren Bent scored the 'beachball' goal for Sunderland at the Stadium of Light in 2009. The goal should not have stood. What course of action should referee Mike Jones have taken?
A shocker from the ref.
Who is the last Liverpool player to come as a substitute and then be substituted himself in the same game on two separate occasions?
Which player has scored Liverpool's fastest post-war goal by a debutant?
Chilean Mark Gonzalez scored just three minutes into his Liverpool career, scoring in the 88th minute after coming on as an 85th-minute sub.
Name the centre-back partnership that has been used most often in the Premier League by Jurgen Klopp?
As of 25.12.18, it was Lovren and Matip, used 27 times. We expect Gomez and Van Dijk to take over this one in the not-so-distant future...
What was unique about the starting line-up that took the field against Stoke City in January 2010?
The numbers were 12, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 37.
When Liverpool's travel plans for the 2010 Europa League Semi-Final against Atletico Madrid were disrupted due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland they flew to the Spanish capital from which city?
The Reds took the train to the south of France then flew from Bordeaux!
Against which team have Liverpool players scored most hat-tricks in all competitions?
What shirt number did Pepe Reina wear during the 2005 World Club Championships?

Squads had to be 1-23; Reina's nornal shirt no. was 25, so he wore 12.

Liverpool have used every number from 1 to 50 in the Premier League, except one:
It's Number 43 that's never been used. Every other number has been used by at least one player. The next lowest number not used is 55.

The highest number ever assigned is 87, to academy defender Conor Masterson.
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