Which LHS Sport is for Me?

Take this quiz to find out!
Which of these exercises would you rather do?
Which sporting event do you most enjoy?
Which of these snacks would you bring to a workout?
Who is your favorite athlete from this list?
What is your favorite subject?
If you had the day off, which of these activities would you do?
On a scale from Elephant to Cheetah, how quick are you?
How are you feeling today?

Points for school spirit! Cheer is all about encouragement. It entertains, motivates and is a fun athletic activity overall! Below is the link to the cheerleading site at LHS, check it out!


(note: cheerleading has been moved to the MIAA Fall 2 season with tentative season dates of 2/22/-4/25/21)

Football is a common sport in New England, especially since it is home to the New England Patriots, a super bowl winning team. There is both a freshman, JV and varsity team meaning that all skill sets are valued. Check out the website below to learn more about LHS football!


(note: football has been moved to the MIAA Fall 2 season
with tentative season dates of 2/22/21-4/25/21)
Cross Country
Cross country is a great sport for runners! Running is known to give you a "runner's high," which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Check out the website below!
Field Hockey

Field hockey is a great option! It is extremely similar to ice hockey with the primary difference being the fact that one is on a field and the other is on ice. LHS has both a freshman and JV team for field hockey, making it awesome for newer players. Make sure to check the website out using the link below!


Swimming doesn't only have to be a recreational activity anymore, it is also a competitive sport at LHS. LHS has a girl's swimming team in the fall and a boy's team in the winter. Make sure to check out the website below!


(note: girl's swimming has been moved to the MIAA Fall 2 season with tentative season dates of 2/22/21-4/25/21)
Volleyball is one of the most popular sports at LHS. Who knew "keep the ball up in the air" would soon turn into such a competitive sport? LHS has a JV and freshman girl's team in the fall, as well as a boy's volleyball team in the spring. Make sure to check the link out below!

(note: girl's volleyball has been moved to the MIAA Fall 2 season with tentative season dates of 2/22/21-4/25/21)

Soccer has become one of the most popular sports worldwide with 3.5 billion viewers worldwide. LHS's soccer program is great for both beginners and experienced players! You have the opportunity to try out for the freshman, JV and varsity team. Check the website out below!

Golf is one of the many underated sports at LHS which combines exercising with the great outdoors. Golf is not about competing with your opponents, but more so about competing with the course. Check the link out below to learn more about LHS golf!