HR Feedback Templates

Here are some survey and form templates that will help you streamline the process of giving and receiving feedback. 

360 Degree Feedback Form Template

Ask employees about their colleagues' performance to improve company efficiency, motivation, and culture.

Exit Interview Form Template

Get feedback about your company and work environment from departing employees and use it to increase employee retention

Training Feedback Form Template

Gather feedback about the effectiveness of your training.

Employee Feedback Form Template

Use feedback from your employees to improve your working environment, company culture, and employee satisfaction.

Presentation Feedback Form Template

Gather feedback about presentations to learn how effective they were and how to improve them.

Employee Performance Evaluation Template

Evaluate employee performance, communicate goals and track their professional development.

Training Evaluation Survey Template

Evaluate training courses and programs to get actionable steps and improve their efficiency in the future.

Suggestion Box Template

Use an online suggestion box to gather new ideas and important input from your customers or employees.

Self-Assessment Form

Use a self-assessment form to improve communication and growth in your company.