Classic Form Templates & Examples

While interactive forms are often best for conversion and engagement, in some cases you may want to use the good old classic form. Following are some templates and examples of classic form use cases.  

Online Registration Form Template

Use an online registration form to raise awareness, invite guests, and provide them with a simple way to register.

Marketing Seminar Registration Form

Invite your audience to your event and allow them to register easily, as well as provide you with the information you need.

Employee Evaluation Form Template

Use an online employee evaluation form to speed up the performance evaluation process.

Teacher Evaluation Form Template

Whether you are a teacher or a school administrator, get a good understanding of how students rate their teachers.

Employment Application Form Template

Collect and organize CV-s and cover letters using an employment application form.

Time Off Request Form

Keep track of time-off requests with a form that covers all the information you need.

Error Report Template

Make it easy for your users to report any error or issue they encounter on your website.

Purchase Order Form Template

Make the ordering process easy for your customers by using a customized purchase order form. This will also help you organize the orders you get.