Women, What Do You Look For in Footwear?

Do you follow the latest trends or do you charter your own course?
When looking for a new pair, which of these is your top priority?
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What is the most you would spend on a new pair of footwear?
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What purpose does the last pair of footwear you bought serve?
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What kind of footwear do you associate with most?
Lisa Runnels - Pixabay
What’s your preference in heels?
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Do you look for footwear in half sizes?
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Which of the following designer brands do you like?
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How many pairs of designer footwear do you own?
JimmyDominico - Pixabay
Would you want to buy a pair of footwear you see a celebrity wear?
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What is the most important thing you look for when buying fooywear?
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Thank you!
Your answers help create footwear you want to see.
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