What Type Of House Should You Live In?

Would you feel most at home in a sleek city apartment, or in a rustic country cabin? Time to find your dream home!
What's your favorite time of day?
Pick a weekend activity.
Party time! What kind of party do you prefer?
Pick a vacation destination:
Which dog breed do you prefer:
What kind of meal would you prefer?
Pick a movie:
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Describe your perfect garden.
Which celebrity would you like to have lunch with?
Fariy Tale Castle
They say romance is dead, but you live in a fairy tale. With your taste for the good life and your love of all things royal, you're a perfect fit in a Disney-esque castle, complete with rose gardens, a butler, and maybe even a talking teapot.
Cottage in Woods
You're a rustic pioneer type, who enjoys being in the great outdoors. You enjoy the simpler things in life like fresh food, fresh air, family, friends and lots of pets. You aren't afraid of a little alone time, and in fact need it to reset.
Beach House
You're a free spirit who craves proximity to the ocean. You love to spend time outside, especially in warm weather, and consider life free from fuss or drama to be the greatest luxury. Just don't forget to wear sunscreen!
City Apartment
You love to be in the center of it all. When it comes to your home, the old adage proves especially you true: it all comes down to location, location, location. Living in a city, you may sacrifice on space, but in exchange you get access to a rich world of culture, food, and urban adventures.
Colonial House In The Suburbs
You're a family-oriented individual who values stability, especially when it comes to raising a family. You'll be happiest in the classic colonial style home with lots of extra space, a big yard for the kids and dog, and, of course, that white picket fence.
Remote Cave
Are you sure you're not Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Your idea of a great community is not to have any, and you'd be happiest living in a remote, dark, dank cave far from the light of the sun and human interaction, you old grump, you.