What disposable diapers does your baby use and why?

Please let us know about your experience using diapers for your baby. Help us offer you more!

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Up to what child's age do you plan using diapers (or have used with the previous child)?
What factors do you consider foremost while choosing a diaper (pick as many options as you want)?
What do you usually use to determine when the diaper should be changed?
What package type do you buy most commonly?
What information on the package is critical when choosing a diaper's size?
What features improving fit and comfort are important to you?
Are you going to pay more for the diapers that are specifically designed for boys or girls and/or have some special prints?
Which of the following do you consider unwanted in the diapers manufacturing?
In what additional products from your favorite brand you are interested / have almost tried / want to try?
Is there anything else regarding your experience of using our diapers? Something we could improve?
Your opinion is really important!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Happy parenting!