What are you looking for in a high-end smartphone?

Consumers are more savvy than every when it comes to high-end smartphones. With that in mind, we want to know how important the following areas are to you when the time comes to take a decision on your next handset...
What size smartphone is right for you?
Is your Focus more on the rear or front-facing camera?
How do you feel about the design of current flagship smartphones?
Are you happy with the resolution on most high-end smartphone displays?
Is Battery Life a concern when you are looking for a new smartphone?
Is power and performance or price a larger factor for you?
Do extra features like Iris and Fingerprint Scanners affect your buying decision?
Do you use your smartphone for social media and sharing online?
Do you prefer to listen to audio through headphones or a smartphone's built-in speakers?
Would you be willing to change Operating Systems if your favorite apps and games are available?
Thank you!
Thank you for taking this survey, we'll incorporate your suggestions in the planning of our next high-end smartphone!