How Knowledgeable Are You in Social Media?

Are you social media savvy? Find out what you need to know!
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Which is the most popular social media platform following facebook?
Which continent spends the most on social media advertising?
What percentage of all global, digital ad spending is spent on social media advertsing?
Which country spends the most time on social media per day?
What percentage of internet users use Facebook?
Which social media platform has significantly more female users?
What is the main result of the Echo Chamber with social media?
Which of the following social networks is used by more men?
Which of the following has the highest number of users?
In 2015, how much money was estimated to be spent on advertising via social media?
Tough break. Wake up! You have a lot of catching up to do! Social media is becoming increasingly important in this modern age and it is important to stay on top of all of that! Come back and try again when you're more experienced!
You have a lot to learn about social media before you're ready to go out and play ball. It may be hard to get used to it, but technology plays a key role in society and you know what they say -if you can't beat them, join them!
You may not be that interested in social media just yet, but you are paying attention. In this rapidly evolving age, it's hard to stick by the sidelines if you want to taste success.
You certainly know a lot about social media -and your interest is obvious. You are pretty close to being at the top of your social-media know-how!
You are a super star and ready to take on a world driven by social media! There is no better time than now to get into the internet and join in our technology-driven society.