Do You Really Know Playboy?

Playboy has been making boring people uncomfortable since 1953. From fighting censorship to featuring avant garde writing, test your knowledge of the magazine.
Who was the magazine's first covergirl?
Miss Norma Jean graced the original cover in 1953.
Does Playboy currently publish nudes?
No more naked women in Playboy as of 2016. While once nudity was a sex-positive way to challenge the status quo, it's a bit passé in this day and age.
Which of these men was NOT interviewed by Playboy.
The interview with King is especially powerful: "I feel that I must accept the task of helping to make this nation and this world a better place to live in — for all men, black and white alike.”
Which dystopian novel was originally published in Playboy?
Bradbury's novel was first published serially in Playboy in 1954.
Whom did Playboy founder Hugh Hefner sue in 1954?
Hefner in 2007. Image: Luke Ford
Hefner won his 1954 lawsuit against postal service, which had refused to deliver copies of Playboy on the grounds it was obscene. "We think [the postmaster] should stick to delivering the mail," Hefner said.
Playboy was the first men's magazine to be published in...
The magazine's braille edition was published starting in 1970.
Who said in the magazine, "Sex as an institution, sex as a general notion, sex as a problem, sex as a platitude—all this is something I find too tedious for words. Let us skip sex."
From the Lolita author's 1964 interview.
Which famous pop artist painted the cover of the January 1986 issue?
The colorful rabbit head was an instant classic.
Not bad, but it's time to brush up on your bunny facts!
Terrific! You know your bunny facts.
Hugh Hefner in 1978. Photo: Alan Light via flickr