9 Ways Your Life Changes Once You Have A Pet

So, you're thinking about getting a pet? As any pet-parent will tell you, your life changes a lot once you make the commitment. Here's what to expect.
Say good-bye to your spare cash
Pets aren't cheap! Food, toys, visits to the vet--it all adds up. Get ready to spend your spare dollars on furry (and feathery) friends.

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From dogs to cats, birds to lizards--every animals poops. And guess who cleans it up?

(You do. You clean it up.)

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Strangers love you
Taking your dog for a walk? Your ferret for a stroll? Your turtle for a hike? Your bunny for a job? Your...okay, you get the point. When you're with a pet, the whole world becomes a whole lot friendly: everyone wants to say hi!

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Your friends will be bored...
...because when you're not talking about your pet, you're showing off pictures.

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But that's okay, because you'll meet lots of other "pet parents"
Get ready to organize your social life around playdates for your little guy.

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Halloween becomes twice as fun
What could be better than dressing up your little dude in an adorable costume?

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Not to mention road trips
Who doesn't love to travel with a furry co-pilot?

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You'll become more patient
Taking care of animal requires patience and understanding. After a few months, expect to feel a little more zen.

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But most of all, your life will overflow with love

Unconditional love. Unlimited snuggles. Get ready for it.

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