8 Reasons You Need a Beer Right Now

Mmm...beer! If you are legally old enough to drink, it's pretty clear that you need to drink a beer right now - well, after you review all the reasons why, of course. Proceed!
It's so refreshing after a day on the slopes!
...and honestly, what drink looks more inviting in a glass?
Drinking beer is like drinking history
When you reach for a brewsky, you're reaching into history: beer was made in ancient times right up through the present. Consider a place like Germany, whose culture is linked to beer in many ways and where every day is like Oktoberfest!
Beer is like vacation in a glass
When you need a little break and don't have time for a long one, just reach for a cold beer...it's a beer-cation!
Beer is cheer
Beer is friendship, beer is cheer. Want to make a new friend in a foreign land (or new bar?) Offer to buy him or a her a beer, and you'll be breaking the ice in no time!
Draught beers are good
You can increase your love of beer even more by sampling many of the fine draught beers that are widely available.
Beer is international
You can impress your friends with your knowledge of a global range of beers. Peace through beer? Maybe not, but it's a start!
More beer
Did you hear about that drought in California? Maybe the answer is more beer!
Beer comes in many forms
Whether it's bottled, canned, served in glass or sipped from a chalice, beer comes in many forms. It's a democratic beverage and who can argue with diversity? Simple and simply refreshing, the sheer variety of beer is another reason to love it. Cheers!