What is your Muskoka Persona?

Choosing to getaway to Muskoka in the fall is one of the easiest decisions you can make but Deerhurst Resort is going to make it even easier! To experience the fall colours your way, take our quiz to see which Muskoka Persona you are and find the package that's perfectly tailored to you!

Are you an Adventure Seeker? Maybe more of a Foodie, Self-Care Connoisseur or something different? Find out now!

What does your ideal Saturday look like?
Your favourite form of physical activity
Your favourite way to spend time outdoors
What is your style in the kitchen?
Why do you want to visit Muskoka?
The Golf Fanatic
You love everything about the sport! From standing on the first tee with all the fresh possibilities of a great round stretching out ahead of you, to sinking that 30 footer to clinch a birdie on the last hole. You not only make sure you get a few rounds in on any vacation, but you plan your stay around your tee times. And you know Fall is the absolute best time to golf in Muskoka. High on the list? Muskoka’s first and still foremost championship course, Deerhurst Highlands, which you might even know is marking it’s 30th anniversary this year. That’s how avid a golfer you are.
The Self Care Connoisseur
Vacation means one thing - time to relax and be pampered. You’ll pass on the 8 hour hike thank you to lounge by pool then unwind with a massage or facial in the spa. Showering after a mud wrap is your idea of tough physical activity. Chilling out in a spa robe, soaking up the peacefulness of nature with a quiet stroll by the lake, and maybe, if you’re feeling energetic, toodling around quaint small town shops, is perfection in your eyes.
The Craft Beer Lover
You believe that there are never enough craft brews to try! For you, craft brews aren’t just about downing a ‘glass of beer’, they offer nuanced tasting (and learning) experiences with infinite possibilities. You believe each brew has its own personality as well as flavour profile. And you know that Muskoka’s variety of craft breweries make it the perfect destination for craft beer lovers, especially surrounded by some of the province’s best Fall colours.
The Foodie
You don’t eat to live, you live to eat! Discovering local flavours of different regions is not only why you love to travel but inspiration for your own culinary creativity. Fall is your favourite time to explore food producers, go apple picking, and try new wines paired with those fresh, harvest flavours. And when you find so many culinary influences in one iconic Muskoka destination you’ve hit the Fall flavour jackpot.
The Adventure Seeker
If you wanted to relax, you would have stayed home! Lacing up your hiking boots to venture out into the wilderness is just the start of your perfect day. You’re in your element exploring new lakes on a canoe or kayak, or trekking the trail less travelled in the quintessential Canadian landscape of a natural treasure like Algonquin Provincial Park. And your favourite colours are the incredible reds and oranges blanketing the views around every twist and turn in the Fall.