WRITING 101: What kind of storyteller are you?

Homeschooling young writers? Thinking now is the time to write the novel of your heart? No matter your age or the type of writing you want to do, it’s natural to get stuck sometimes. Take our quiz to find your storytelling style and get writing again with some helpful tips.

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When you get an idea to write a story, it starts with
You would describe a great book as one that…
Your favorite subject at school is (or was)
You decide to turn your idea into a story, so the next thing you do is
Midway through writing your story, you slow down because…
How do you want people to feel after reading your story?

You love thinking about amazing names, personalities and attitudes, and your favorite books are filled with people that you dream of meeting – or even being.

Make a story that’s as unforgettable as your characters by putting them in situations that challenge their mind, body or soul. Your go-to question: “What action should my main character take now?”


You love a book where every turn of the page brings another surprise, and your favorite stories involve fast-paced adventures and complicated situations.

Connect that thrilling plot rich to great characters with powerful emotions. Your go-to question: “Why does my character decide to take this action?”


You love a good description and your favorite stories are filled with beautiful language (or pictures).

Take on the challenge of creating a great plot to go with your lovely words. Choose 2 or 3 characters and put them in a tough situation. Your go-to question: “And then what happens?”


You spend time thinking about the state of the world, the difference between right and wrong, and your favorite books tackle “big picture” questions.

Connect those big thoughts to exciting or relatable situations, whether realistic or fantastic, and you’ve got great story material. Your go-to question: “In what situation would my main character need to make a difficult choice?”