Timeline Quiz

Wallingford Museum’s amazing new bone china mug provides its user with a history of Wallingford Castle.

We are using the artist's illustrations for the mug for the timeline quiz.

You can also buy the mug in the museum shop, when it opens after COVID.

Which King of England, Scotland and Ireland fought the armies of the English and Scottish parliaments, in the English Civil War? PS Wallingford Castle was on the King's side.
Robert D’Oiley, a Norman lord, built Wallingford Castle in1067. What type of castle were the Normans remembered for building?
How did Henry VIII treat Wallingford Castle?
Which Saxon King built and fortified the town of Wallingford?
How long was the 1646 siege of Wallingford?
Which King granted a Charter to Wallingford?
In which year did William’s army cross the Thames at Wallingford? Clue - after the Battle of Hastings.
In which century was Wallingford Castle Matilda’s stronghold?
Wallingford Museum
Which Cromwell ordered Wallingford Castle to be demolished?
Wallingford Museum
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