What Is Your Key to Happiness?

It might seem like an easy task to name the things that most make you happy. But, the truth is that truly understanding your values and the keys to success and contentment for you is a complicated thing. It is also something that will change as you go through various periods of your life. Find out what you're looking for right now in terms of happiness and life.

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Invest in You
Notice the awe-inspiring things in life!

You are someone who knows how to enjoy the little things in life. You open yourself up to new experiences and are able to stop and really take in a moment. You understand that focusing on the past or the future can hold back your happiness. For you, it is all about the here and now.

There are many studies that show that staying in the moment is one of the best ways to enjoy life. It allows you to deal with problems head on and not dwell on mistakes or worry about things that have not yet come to pass. Your idea of a perfect day might involve no plan and the people that bring you the most joy and energy. And there is nothing wrong with that!

But, if you want to take your happiness to the next level, you shouldn’t shy too far away from thinking about your own future. Doing something today that is going to benefit you in the future doesn’t mean that you’re not living life to the fullest in the present. It is more like giving your future self a gift that they will be able to enjoy in time.

One place where you might want a plan is in finding the ideal balance in your finances. This doesn't mean that you need a structured budget or need a job that pays the maximum possible without considering your interests. It just means that you have an idea of how to manage your money so that you don't have to live completely pay check to pay check and have some savings when you need it.

Another place where you might want to invest in yourself now is with your health. Building a strong body will allow you to do all that you want to do and cut down on the limits that you face in your life. While you might not feel the effects of neglecting your health now, this is something that could definitely hamper your carefree life in the future.

Know Your Strengths
Express the real you!

For you, happiness is linked to being your true self. You are not someone who tries to conform and are willing to try new things before settling on what is right for you.

Since you are happiest when you're being truly authentic, it is likely that you will feel it when you take a path that is not true to your values or are forced into a position you didn't choose for yourself. You will likely feel that itch to make things right or could suffer from anxiety or depression when things feel really off. But, you likely still try to make it work and stay on course.

People never judge you as harshly as you judge yourself. Remember that you don’t need to always be the one standing out or going full throttle in order to be true to yourself. Sometimes it is okay to enjoy being a part of the crowd or take some time between ventures. It just means that you are pacing yourself for the next big move.

Make sure you are always trying to stay positive about the life that you’re leading. Being a little different can mean questioning more of your choices and decisions than the average person might do. Know that many of the world’s most successful people knew how to follow their heart rather than follow a set list of rules. But, they also knew their own strengths so that they could use them to reach those goals.

Explore All Sides
You know that positive thinking does lead to better results.

You are someone who believes in not worrying about worst-case scenarios and look at the possibilities in life rather than hurdles in the way. You try to see the glass half full and believe that if you put a smile on your face, you will start to see your mood change accordingly.

Your desire to keep things positive means that you're likely not a fan of direct conflict. You are not someone who naturally rocks the boat and probably frequently find yourself being the peacemaker rather than taking a side in a fight.

If you want to expand your happiness, exploring those things that get you down and taking chances can help you get there as much as looking on the sunny side of life. While it is important to think positively, you can't really know yourself if you're not also comfortable with darker emotions. Also, doing something that you never really believed that you were capable of can add the biggest smile of all to your face. Don’t let yourself be afraid of living life to the fullest.

See the Wonder in Life
Continue to invest in yourself!

You are someone who knows how to plan for your future. You have big goals for your life and you are determined to reach them. You are also someone who understands the motto “Do something today that you will thank yourself for tomorrow”.

Most of us have a plan for our lives and things that we want to accomplish. And we get a big rush of confidence and happiness when one of our dreams does come true. If you want to maximize your happiness, you should realize that the little successes and taking a moment to stop trying to “achieve” to just “be” can really help you to enjoy the life that you have built for yourself.

You are likely someone who takes care of yourself in terms of your health and your finances. You know that living comfortably for you means having as few worries about your future as possible. But, you should try to embrace the fact that there are some things that you can’t control and there are going to be surprises that set you on a different path every once in a while.

Start by taking some time every day to just be in the moment. You could take a little more time on your trip home from work to observe what is happening around you, for instance, instead of just trying to make the best time possible. Don’t feel guilty that you could be doing more when you stop and take time to rest and enjoy. Soon, you might find an even bigger smile on your face.