How well do you know Issue 2 of PROSTHETICS Magazine? Put yourself to the test!

In this edition's 'Words of Wisdom', triple Primetime Emmy Award Winner Mike Mekash talks starting points, shaping careers and staying relevant. But which TV show does Mike state a personal addiction to?
In the article 'Period Perils' who said "On a big movie, you just say to somebody else, 'Can you take care of that?' On this series , it was, 'I'd better fix it, then!' "
In 'Danny's Demos', Gorton Studio tutor Danny Marie Elias guides you through the first important steps into practicing prosthetics. In the article Danny describes her ratios for the creation of her own PAX paints. What is Danny's suggested ratio?
The UK media carried a number of reports in early 2015 of an 8ft 'what' at some of London's famous sights?
In a special feature celebrating a landmark year since the founding of the company, for how many years have creature effects veterans ADI (Amalgamated Dynamic Inc) been bringing creative life to our screens?
'Weighing up Work Experience'. Laura Sutherland investigates the challenging route into the industry by speaking with many graduates of different experience levels. Portsmouth based Steven Harris quotes some great advice received from Cliff Wallace at The Prosthetics Event. But what is the name of The Prosthetic Event's specific activity for those trying to break into the industry?
'Painting a Silicone Dummy Head' is a fantastic step-by-step guide with fascinating depth, from Italian make-up artist Valentina Visintin. But can you tell us the name of the new make-up event in Rome for which Valentina is a founding Member?
In part 2 of Neill Gorton's 3-part series into Rising Stars of the industry, we are welcoming USA's Vincent Van Dyke. Vincent explains the origins behind the personal project, and our cover image, inspired by Carlos Torres. But in which artistic area does Carlos specialise?
'Color Theory and Why it Matters in Prosthetics' by Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni. "When mixing skin tones, you start from nothing and you create it from scratch". What are the 3 primary colors?
Five highly accomplished sculptors show us the five sculpture tools they couldn't work without in 'Show us your Tools'. Which sculptor chose a brush in his top 5?
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