How well do you know Issue 1 of PROSTHETICS Magazine? Put yourself to the test!

'Cochise' the character on the front cover of Issue 1 can be seen in which television series?
For how many months were Millennium FX creating work for 13-part medical series Critical?
With an interview feature in this issue, who said "To me, being an artist is not a choice you make; you simply are an artist or you are not."?
In this issue's edition of FX Cribs, inside which studio does Neill Gorton take us?
In the fantastic tutorial from Andrew Sinclair ARBS titled 'How to Make An Armature', how many heads high does Andrew state is the perfectly-proportioned human figure?
In the first of an exciting 3-part series Neill Gorton interviews 3 companies as 'Rising Stars' of the industry. Created by Odd Studio, name the film for which this prosthetic make-up features?
In his tutorial Todd Debreceni takes us through his process for creating film-quality temporary tattoos. But as well as being a screen and theatre prosthetics artist and teacher, Todd wrote the international acclaimed...
In the feature 'Going Viral', Lisa Gorton talks to two European artists whose work has speedily thrust them to fame on social media. But what does UK artist Nikki Shelley say is her main pro for painting her own face?
Arvin Clay's feature 'A Brief History of Silicone' takes us through the origins and the key players involved in its development. At the first International Make-up Artist's Trade Show, Gordon Smith announced the first commercially available silicone prosthetics system made specifically for the SFX industry. What year was this show?
Recognising the achievements of Justin Neill at Mouldlife, this feature looks back at the rise of the company with a pivotal role in the advancement of silicone prosthetics. Platsil Gel 10 with Deadener has become the choice system for prosthetics. How many Platsil Gel systems are currently available?
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