Opinion Stage for eCommerce Merchants

Increase sales with a sales-driven product selector, learn about your customers with interactive quizzes & surveys and get their opinions / feedback using quick polls. It takes minutes to get started.

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Product Selectors

Create a quiz that leads users to the best product or service on your site based on answers to questions. This provides a personalized shopping experience that maximizes the chance the visitor completes a purchase on the site. Use skip logic to send your customers through different paths in the wizard. Complete the quiz with calls to action or automatically lead them to the product landing page to complete the sale.

product select for e-commerce shop

Surveys and Quizzes for Customer Insights

Opinion Stage offers surveys that are interactive, visual and responsive. The surveys are focused on maximizing participation so you will get more insights. You can also use quizzes to discover insights in an indirect way. Offer fun content experiences to the user, while capturing valuable actionable insights.

e-commerce survey example

Polls for Feedback and Insights

Run quick polls to learn what your audience thinks about your site and product, discover their preferences and likes, what prevents them from completing a purchase and more. Use a poll maker that let's you get up and going in seconds with the basics, and includes all the features you need for more advanced polling scenarios.


Interactive Forms for Growing Email List

Opinion Stage offers two options for running a form on your store website. The first option is running a standard stand-alone form based on the Opinion Stage Form Builder. The second option, is to integrate a lead form inside a quiz. This method usually produces more leads and higher qualified leads since the contact information (e.g. email) is associated with the quiz answers.


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Drive more sales using
interactive polls, surveys, quizzes and forms

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