Where Should You Start with Magical Realism?

There's a wide world of magical realism to explore, take this quiz to find out where your journey should begin.
How do you want to jump into magical realism?
How do you feel about magical realism?
What do you like to read most?
You are out walking when you see a snake in front of you. It rises up and begins to talk. What do you do?
Do you believe in the supernatural?
What are your thoughts on family?
To be or not to be?
You Should Read Magical Realism from North America

North American magical realism includes a broad variety of genres and storylines. These authors often use magical realism to feature politics, history, and family conflict in an approachable way. Start here if you want a good dose of realism, with background magic that strengthens the plot.

You Should Read Magical Realism from Latin America

Latin America is considered the birthplace of magical realism and often features the spirits of ancestors and natural magic. Start here if you are new to magical realism and want something based heavily in magic.

You Should Read Magical Realism from Europe

Magical Realism from Europe draws heavily from fairytales and fables, including familiar magical elements to tell stories that are more serious. Start here if you are a fan of the magic of fairytales, but want a more complex storyline.

You Should Read Magical Realism from Africa

African magical realism draws heavily from folklore and often features spirits, demons, and animals-as-guides. Start here if you enjoy storytelling and fables for a good balance of realism and mysticism.

You Should Read Magical Realism from Asia

Magical Realism from Asia uses magic and mysticism sparingly to tell serious stories of family and culture. Start here if you aren’t sure you like fantasy, and want to dabble in magic while reading a realistic and thought-provoking storyline.