What humorous books are right for you?

Take this quiz to find out where you should start reading for May's Beyond Bestsellers: Humor.

What do you value most?
It's a dreary gray day, what are you watching?
You can have dinner with any fictional character. Who do you choose?
What do you prefer reading?
How do you like to read?
You should read humorous mysteries
If you love a good mystery but are looking to lighten things up with quirky characters and wacky plots, look no further than this list of humorous mysteries.
You should read humorous romances
If you delight in watching romantic comedies and love feeling like the characters are your friends, humorous romance is the perfect option for you. Check out this list for suggestions.
You should read humorous fiction
If you love a good story told with fun characters, snappy dialogue, and witty prose, this list has everything you need.
You should read humorous nonfiction
If you love to learn and are interested in tackling topics like science, history, and culture in an entertaining and approachable way, then this list of humorous nonfiction is right for you.
You should listen to humorous audiobooks

If you love a great story read by a charismatic voice, audiobooks are a great choice for you. This list has titles featuring hilarious writing with award-winning narration.