What Category of Up Lit is Right for You?

Take this quiz to find out where to start with Uplifting Literature.
Do you currently read uplifting fiction?
How would you describe yourself?
You've just been through a major heartbreak, how do you recover?
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You Should Read Contemporary Up Lit
Contemporary Up Lit centers on relatable characters who overcome adversity with kindness and compassion. Check out this list for reading suggestions.
You Should Read Cozy Mysteries
Amateur sleuths who solve small-town crimes with intelligence and wit generally lead uplifting cozy mysteries, while violence and sex are kept to a minimum. Take a look at this list for some ideas.
You Should Read Gentle Romance
Gentle romances are heartwarming tales with an emphasis on emotions and character development. These novels are led by relatable characters, often take place in small-towns or days-gone-by, and contain minimal sex. Check out this list for reading inspiration.
You Should Read Faith Based Fiction
Faith based fiction emphasizes the role of a higher power in the characters' lives. The characters often turn to prayer and scripture when faced with adversity, and find comfort in this faith. Take a look at this list for reading suggestions.