What airline should you work for?

For most people, flying is a luxury that lets you travel from one place to another. But for others, the thrill of flight is a gift and a job. if you think you have what it takes to be one of the people that grace the skies each day, then after getting the proper training it's time to pick your airline. See which airline would want you to fly their wings every day.
What is your favorite vacation destination?
What do you do in your free time?
Which virtue are you?
Which deadly sin are you?
What is your favorite color?
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American Airlines
Welcome to American Airlines! Your patriotism and eagerness to fly make you perfect to work for an airline that loves to take flight. You are a dreamer, and the air is where you belong, but the sky is the limit for you! You are an epic traveler and love to explore new places, so you would enjoy working for the world's largest airline. Remember to always fly like an eagle :)!
Hawaiian Airlines
Aloha! Welcome to Hawaiian Airlines! Your kind, hospitable nature makes you a perfect fit for an airline that loves to serve. You like to help out people, and can always be seen making sure that customer service comes first. Always looking to make your customers happy, You greet them with a bright smile at the beginning and end of the flight, while happily saying "Ua maikai huaka'i!" Say "Bye!" to the mainland and "Aloha!" to the islands!
Delta Airlines
Welcome aboard Delta Airlines! You are a workaholic and very business-oriented, and you are best within marketing and business sets, perfect for working at one of the world's largest airlines. You are very smart and good at negotiating deals, whether it's having more days off or expanding destinations worldwide, you can always be counted on to win your case. Have fun soaring to new heights!
United Airlines
Hello and welcome to United Airlines! Equality is your middle name, and you always try to bring justice into the world. For you, anyone can change or improve the world, the only thing they have to do is try. Your hope is to make sure that the flight crew gets equal pay no matter their gender or race, and there is no discrimination against other passengers on your plane. With your goals, anything can become possible!
Virgin Atlantic
Cheerio and hop on board Virgin Atlantic! You have a very quick-witted and sophisticated personality, always knowing what to say right back when someone questions you. You have a big attitude, somewhat like a little ball of flame. When in the air, you always make your customers' days through your flamboyant and extravagant personality. Like a firebird, take flight!
Air France
Bonjour et bienvenue à Air France! Your fashionable attitude makes you chic and sophisticated for any event, especially with flight service! Your outfits are always well put together, making you a very helpful fashion expert to everyone! You are very romantic and don't mind spicing life up a little, especially in the country of love itself! Say "au revoir" to the boring life and "bonjour" to the glamorous life in the skies!
Qantas Airways
G'day and welcome to Qantas! You are friendly to everyone you meet, and always seem happy about something. You have a very energetic personality, and you are very social in life. Flying for an airline that serves some of the nicest and friendliest people in the world, you are always found in a conversation with the rest of the flight crew or the passengers. For you, happiness can take something to new heights!
Southwest Airlines
Hop on board and welcome to Southwest Airlines! You are very happy and confident, making you a fun person to be around. You have a great personality and can always make your customer's days even brighter with your presence. Like a ball of sunshine, you always try to make everyone's day with a smile and a "Welcome aboard!"
JetBlue Airways
Welcome to JetBlue Airways! You are very cool and calm when faced with a difficult situation, and very quick-witted. One of your primary skills is decision-making because you are always neutral (like Switzerland) and willing to hear each side of the issue before deciding which option is correct. Flying for an airline that cares about the people, you would be prepared to resolve any issue that comes up and solve it in a collected way.
Singapore Airlines
Selamat datang ke Singapore Airlines! You are poised and very polite, always respectful to those older and wiser than you. You are very petite and ladylike, always having the finest manners around people and seeming like a properly raised person. Your sweet disposition attracts many, and your gentle nature is very consoling. At one of the most dainty airlines in the world, you would be gracefully walking down the aisle and kindly offering service to the customers.
Emirates Airlines
مرحبا بك في Emirates Airlines! You are fancy and live high-class, always expecting the finest service in life. You want the best of everything, so you love to spend money on the most expensive and practical items. Working for one of the best airlines in the world, you always make sure you look your best and represent yourself well through service and hospitality. At Emirates, you will find yourself among many talented people and take your classiness to new heights!
Air Canada
Bonjour and welcome to Air Canada! You are a person who is not that extroverted but is still very nice, and you have a quiet energy that pulls people in. For you, home is where the heart is, so you always make sure to put family first. You can be very reassuring in times of trouble, and you are a big family person. Working with Air Canada, you will develop a family with your coworkers every time you fly, so enjoy your new family.