8 Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Is email marketing beneficial?

Take a look at the following facts:

  • Radicati group says that there will be more than 3.7billion email users by the end of the year 2017.
  • There are more than 4.4 billion Email accounts
  • There are more than a billion Gmail accounts
  • There are more than 269 billion email messages send per day


Now you must be convinced that email marketing is one of the best ways for marketing products or services online. Here are some of the main advantages of email marketing:

Less Time & Efforts
Snail Mail

It is very time-consuming and costly. Keeping track of the entire communication with a customer is very difficult. Time taken to reach the message is very long, and sometimes the messages don’t reach at all.


It is slightly better than the postal marketing, but you have to main a large telesales team. The team has to be trained and all that incurs a lot of costs.

With email marketing, you can reach out to the market very fast.  With an email marketing plan template you can set the entire campaign in a matter of minutes.

Real-Time Messages

It is impossible that the traditional campaign can be launched in a matter of minutes. Sending the real-time messages to the customers is rather very easy with various customizable templates.


The level of customization that can be achieved with the help of email marketing can’t be achieved with any other way. Whether it is a print mail campaign, or a telesales campaign, or a radio campaign, or a TV campaign, they all broadcast the message. The email marketing as against them offers many compelling opportunities. It allows you to send the personalized email with the user’s name or the login name. Besides, there are many email marketing solutions available in the market, that can send the personalized emails that contain the past buying preferences. 

Natural Segmentations

As you can segment the database of the customers, you can use them to send particular mail that may lead to even better conversions. For instance, if you have a customer buying chocolate on Valentine’s Day, you can remind all the customers who have bought chocolate belonging to this sample. Thus you are making the most of your database to ensure that the customers get the right message at the appropriate time, and with an email marketing plan template, in the right way.

Frequent Communication

With an email marketing campaign, you can send the messages to the customers regularly giving you control over the frequency of the communication. So instead of getting in touch with your clients in the quarter end or at the half –year end, you can establish contact with them more frequently i.e. monthly or weekly.

Low Cost

With an email marketing campaign, the costs involved are far lesser as compared to a telesales campaign or the TV ad campaign. It means that your drives are more cost efficient and more productive.

Easy To Set-up

With an email marketing plan template you can set up an email marketing plan template in an hour. It doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge either so you can do it on your own.

Easy Tracking

While tracking the effectiveness of the other campaigns is difficult, an email marketing campaign’s effectiveness can be easily monitored. You can make use of the analytics for the same.

In the end, if you want to go for the cost effective campaign, get the right email marketing plan template and go ahead. The results will be there for you in no time.

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