How do you know if there is a need for your business to offshore and if so, are you ready?

Here are some fundamental questions that will establish whether there is the need to explore hiring Offshore

Are you or your staff performing tasks well below the value of their hourly rate?
Are there tasks that will generate more business that you just do not have time to get to?
Are there roles that would help the business, but the business cannot afford to put on a local team member for the role?
Are you in a position where you are knocking back business because you do not have the capacity to handle more?
Or Vice Versa are you in a position where the amount of business coming in does not cover current expenses and you need to lower the expenses?
Are you willing to charter uncharted waters for the good of the business even though every bone in your body may say not to?
Once a need is established you need to know whether you are ready to hit the green light and more importantly is your business prepared for the journey?
Have you identified the areas of the business where you will need assistance?
Have you created a picture of how you think it will look Eg Job roles?
Have you planned out how you will inform your local team to how it will all work?
Have you got current procedures that can be easily be followed by your offshore team member?
Have you gone to Cloud in as many areas as you can or do you have server-based programs?
Have you created an on-boarding training program for your new team member to give them the best chance of success?
Have you decided who of your local team if not you will be in charge of your offshore team member?
Have you set some expectations around the offshore journey and mapped out some KPI’s and milestones you want to play out?

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