Which Dosha Are You?

The doshas; vata, pitta and kapha are energy forces within the body that govern all physiological activity. Each dosha has different functions with the body.  

o   Vata governs all movement and sensory perception.

o   Pitta governs digestion and metabolism.

o   Kapha is responsible for the growth and lubrication of all the cells and tissues.

Our bodies contain all 3 doshas. However, the amount or dominance of each dosha varies from person to person. This is what makes us all unique. 

Take the quiz to know your dosha! 

My physical frame is:
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My hair is:
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10. In regards to my memory
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Those with more vata in their constitution tend to be creative, adaptable, impulsive, imaginative, talkative and active. Vata’s are generally thin and prone to dry skin and hair. They prefer warm humid climates and don’t like wind.  Excellent at starting activities, vata’s have fast minds and enjoy multitasking. Vata out of balance can manifest as anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, low body weight, constipation and bloating. Simple tips to balance vata include:

o   Daily self-massage with a warming oil such as sesame oil.

o   Following a regular routine. Eat, wake and go to bed at the same time every day.

o   Stay warm and avoid the wind.

o   Eat warm cooked meals with spices. 


Those with more pitta in their constitution tend to be driven, intelligent, convincing, controlling and passionate. Pitta’s tend to be of a medium build with strong penetrating eyes. Pitta’s love competition and enjoy working toward a goal; especially completing tasks. They have great short term and long term memory. Pitta’s prefer cool well ventilated areas as they are often fatigued by the heat. Out of balance, pitta’s are prone to irritability, anger and criticism of self and others. Some ways to balance pitta include:

o   Calming activities such as meditation or a relaxing walk in nature.

o   Surrendering and letting go of control.

o   Daily self-massage with a cooling oil such as coconut oil.

o   Favouring cooling foods which are naturally sweet, bitter and astringent.  


Those with more kapha in their constitution are often loyal, loving, nurturing, compassionate, relaxed, sensitive and consistent. Kapha’s tend to have a strong, well developed physique with beautiful big eyes and thick hair. They enjoy routine and don’t like change.  Kapha’s generally have a strong immune system and prefer warmer dryer climates. Out of balance, excess kapha can manifest as lethargy, respiratory conditions and emotional overeating.  Some simple ways to balance kapha include:

o   Exercising. Especially between 6am-10am.

o   Eating warm cooked meals with spices.

o   Favour light foods rather than heavy foods.

 o   Invigorating activities such as listening to uplifting music, dancing and smelling energising essential oils like lemongrass, rosemary and peppermint.