Top trending education apps in 2018

As the world is filled with the smartphones and the applications in every sector, education is not far behind as there are enormous educational apps being made and bought into use daily.

As the advancements in the technology are widely seen on the purpose and the developments being made with the software’s, mobile applications and the hardware’s, there are many inventions that facilitate the educational purpose and highlights it to the best level. Making the education on the basic scale and spreading it is one of the core responsibility of the people and the institutions. With the era of technology, you cannot just stick to the education that is being taught in the schools and the colleges. The education is now a much broader term that falls under a diverse range of levels.

 The world is at the fingertips as being controlled and monitored on mobiles and the smartphones. With every single person carrying a smartphone even the children and the adults, there are a variety of applications that are being developed under the vision of education. If you go to the google play store where you can see in the applications categories that a separate section is being made just for the educational applications. This is a great initiative to promote the learning an educating applications that are being made on daily basis from all around the world.

 There are thousands of educational applications out there but picking up the top one is ready hard to tell. This decision can be made on the basis of a number of downloads on the application. To pick up some of the best from the year 2018 here are a few of the all-time best educational apps of the year 2018:

1.       Coursera

 This is one of the best application for doing the online courses. There are so many classes and the lesson that you can enroll in and take. The courses range from different topics like the sciences, technology, and programming stuff, mathematics and even courses like psychology. Just like what you do in a school, college and university the courser provide you with the lectures notes, the reading materials, assignments, online quizzes and video for easy demonstrations of the lectures and practical works. There are 1000+ courses registered on the course and some of them are totally free while others are in-app purchases. The best thing about this platform is that after completion of the course provides you with the completion certificate too. This one of the top trending educational and learning application from the year 2018.

 2.       Duolingo

 An application that was being published back in the 2014 and continuing still today. This surely makes something interesting about this application. This application is basically a language learning app that makes you learn languages in the best possible way, and that is through mini-games. Just like the other games, with every next level the games get harder and tougher. The application incredibly supports more than 10 plus languages. The best thing, no advertisement just fun and amazement. Totally free and some optional in-app purchases available too. A top-notch application that is best for the learning languages and if you can master this app then you can learn any language out there.

 3.       PhotoMath

 You must be one of those who gets irritated when a single mistake ruins your mathematics problems. The algebra and the equation solving was always the tougher one. But now it is much simpler with the all-new application for the mathematics only, Photomath. A mind-boggling phenomenon that uses the camera of your smartphone and the in-app OCR technology to san the equation that you write and provides you with the answer with all the steps one by one. It really sounds crazy but it is true. This application is a perfect mentor for the students who are a bit weaker in the math and the equation solving. As this is a high demand and pro version application it gives you the basic solver free while the pro version is paid and gives you the solution in step by step explaining. This quality application is one of the best we can have for our educational purposes and we can work ourselves and then compare the answers and the steps to see if we have done the right way.

These are just a few of the many that are being published on the play store. The educational apps can help you grow the mentality that you are lacking in the schools and the colleges. The amazing and creative way of learning and education is much more effective and efficient than the practical ways of teaching. Using this application will make you take more interests in your studies and find the best solutions to the problems creatively!

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The article is written by Anna Martin who is an application developer and has developed many amazing educational applications and she is currently working with Essay writing service at EssayTigers and provide best writing services of university and college students.