Are you a voice for kids? Take this quiz to find out!

The pandemic is creating challenges for kids at home and worldwide. Children need our help more than ever. Answer these 5 questions to learn how you can be a voice for them.

How many jobs does the child care industry directly support nationwide?

1.5 million.

Without targeted funding from the federal government, an estimated 40% of child care providers will close their doors – permanently. That means massive job losses for child care workers, not to mention its detrimental effect on children.

How much more likely are kids living in poverty able to graduate from high school, when they benefit from early investments in child care?


In addition, they are also more likely to complete college and increase their earning potential. Proof that quality child care really pays off.

How many of the world’s children has the pandemic put out of school?
1 billion.

For girls around the world, being out of school can mean increased risks of child marriage and gender-based violence. It’s vital that girls are able to continue their education online!
For vulnerable children in conflict zones or extreme poverty, the pandemic has:
All of the above.

According to recent reports, 10,000 children are dying each month due to hunger linked to the pandemic. And because of interrupted health services, experts are projecting an additional 1.2 million deaths among children under the age of 5. Children in crowded refugee camps face the potential spread of the virus and a lack of hygiene and health services.

What percent of Democratic voters support increasing funding for child care providers during the COVID-19 crisis?


A poll conducted by Save the Children Action Network and Child Care Aware of America found massive support for increased funding for child care providers – not only among Democrats but also among Republicans at 82%. How’s that for a bipartisan issue!

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As you can see, the pandemic is devastating for children here and around the world. Learn more by joining us for our DNC virtual event, "Saving Child Care" Tuesday, August 18 @ 3pm.