What's Your Goddess Archetype?

We all hold goddess energy in our hearts. Are you an Air, Earth, Fire, Water or Moon Goddess?
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What’s Your Goddess Archetype?

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Air Goddess
Air goddesses are messengers, spreading thoughts and ideas with every gust of wind. They provide new insights and clarity, lifting us up into the world of possibilities.
Earth Goddess
Earth goddesses are rooted in their truth and what they stand for. They walk to the drum of the seasons, bringing fertility and abundance in their wake.
Fire Goddess
Fire goddesses are loud, proud, and passionate. They burn bright, sparking change and transformation with their lust for life.
Water Goddess
Water goddesses are intuitive, emotional beings. Their tears cleanse away the old, in preparation for new insights to wash up on the shore.
Moon Goddess
Moon goddesses are cosmic souls with powerful intuitive gifts. They ebb and flow with the lunar cycles, guiding us in our journey from Maiden to Mother and Crone.