Which Famous Movie Lawyer Are You?

You may have gone to law school instead of pursuing your Hollywood dreams, but that doesn't mean you can't hang with the great lawyers of cinema. Take this quiz to find out which famous movie lawyer you are!
Find Out Your Movie Lawyer Personality!
Why did you go to law school?
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What’s your favorite part of the practice?
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How would your colleagues describe you?
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What do you do outside of work?
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What are your career goals?
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Vinny Gambini (My Cousin Vinny)
It probably didn't take you five tries to pass the bar, so you've been wisecracking your way through your trials for longer than our city slicker hero. You might occasionally bring a little too much attitude into the courtroom, but you're a powerhouse who gets your clients the right outcome.
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Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)
You've got so much style some people might be inclined to overlook you - at their peril. Luckily for your opponent, you're just as concerned with a fair outcome as you are about being right, because few are a match for your brilliant legal mind.
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Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird)
You went to law school to change the world, which means the world sometimes disappoints you. But you’re still fighting the good fight, making sure your clients get justice.
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Kevin Lomax (The Devil's Advocate)
Do you often find yourself “playing the devil’s advocate”? Well, someone has to! You believe that everyone has the right to a lawyer - especially when they can pay your bills. Law school was expensive, but you always knew you would be making the big bucks some day - just remember there’s limits to zealous advocacy!
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Fletcher Reede (Liar Liar)
You’re a workaholic and you love to win - but you also need to make time for family and friends. You may have walked the line of overzealous advocacy on occasion, but you’ve got a good heart that will serve you well in your career.
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Thurgood Marshall (Marshall)
Not content to settle for a fictional lawyer, you aspire to the kind of greatness that leads to having a biopic made about you half a century after your groundbreaking work on the Supreme Court. We look forward to saying we knew you when!
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