Summer Paw-Lympics Quiz: Which Summer Activity is Perfect for Your Dog?

Does your dog run laps around the competition? Do they make jumping, weaving, and dodging through obstacles look easy? If you answered yes, it sounds like you’ve got a Paw-lympian on your hands! Take this quiz to find out which sport would be the perfect gold-medal match for you and your dog this summer.

Ready, Set, GOLD!
What’s your pup’s weight class?
Your dog would take home gold in...
Which best describes your dog’s sea legs?
How much kibble could your dog bench?
How clever is your canine?
Your dog’s preferred way to travel is...
When it comes to out-sniffing the competition...
Your pup would love to compete against...

Grab your swimsuit because you’re headed to the pool or beach! Your furry friend is ready to jump in the water and doggy-paddle all the way to a gold medal! For water safety tips, check out our Dog Blog for posts about swimming with your dog.

Couch Potato

If taking naps was a sport with medals, your canine would be going for gold! Not all dogs were built to compete, so consider popping some popcorn, grabbing some treats, and relaxing next to your perfect furry sidekick during the games this year.


It sounds like you and your Jack-Russell-of-all-trades have a competitive side, so why not give Agility training a try? When you teach your pooch how to jump, weave, sprint, and navigate obstacles, you two will be well on your way to the next Paw-Lympics! Check out the DIY agility course guide on our Dog Blog to learn how to set one up at home!


Your pooch is a natural when it comes to catching things in the air, so a lively game of fetch will get your pup-fessional soaring over the competition like the next LeBron James.


Time to break out the doggy-sized duffle bag and walking shoes because your dog was born to hike! Many large working dog breeds are built for pulling carts and carrying heavy loads over long distances. Consider packing your pooch a small bag of tasty treats and toys to haul while on your next hike.

All signs point to your pup being a gold-medalist runner! Herding breeds like Sheepdogs and Collies, and Sporting breeds like Irish Setters and Vizsla’s were born to put paw to pavement. Get ready to lace up those running shoes and hit the streets! Make sure you and your pooch are ready for the road by reading our blog post, Running with Your Dog: 6 Tips for the Active Pet Parent.
Could your dog track the scent of a gold medal? Put your pup’s keen sense of smell to work when you hide treats or scented toys around the house for them to find. Want more of an expert-level challenge? Take your pooch outside for hide-and-seek: the additional sights, sounds, and smells will put their nose to the ultimate test.

Slow and steady is the name of the game for your pooch. Furry friends with calm, relaxed demeanors like Brittanys and Standard Schnauzers make great walking partners. Whether it’s early in the morning or an after-dinner stroll, your pup is ready to step out and enjoy some relaxing recreation with you.