What kind of teacher are you?

Take this quiz to find out what kind of teacher you are!
Choose the statement that is most true to you:
Which answer reflects your relationships with colleagues?
After teaching several years, I am asked to become a principal…
In my classroom…
Teaching is…
My favorite approach to PD is…
My favorite tool in my teacher toolbox is:
I have the most professional respect for:
Choose the statement that is most true to your beliefs. Learning…
My greatest wish as an educator is…
You are the hidebound teacher!

You champion the status quo. After all, it has been a journey for you as you’ve grown your experience and knowledge. In fact, it sometimes feels like all that you bring to the table is overlooked and that makes you double back on your confidence. You probably have a few close friends in the district, and may find others not as open or comfortable with you, yet you feel like you speak for all when you share your concerns. Perhaps, when you share your concerns, you choose harsh words that make those who are taking on the change feel uncomfortable. You may even wish to be in a leadership position to share your knowledge.

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You are the sage!
You have been teaching for many years, maybe even in one position. You have volumes of expertise to offer and the best interest of the school in mind. You are often the one that leadership turns to for advice on the culture of the school and ideas for change. You are admittedly resistant to new initiatives, questioning whether or not it benefits students. You are often brought in on the ground floor of change or consulted prior to important school decisions. You often become frustrated when you see choices that do not benefit the school itself. These frustrations may be paired with emotions such as anger or resentment, yet you continue to be deeply invested in the well being of his students

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You are the rookie!

You may be relatively new to the profession and come with some strong notions about what teaching should be. You have a heart of gold and want to do the best you can. You adore your students. You may be somewhat frustrated, though, when despite your best efforts and deep care for your students, you discover just how incredibly challenging teaching and learning really is. You may have plenty of learning opportunities around you but feel confident that what you are doing is just fine. Or maybe you are feeling too overwhelmed to think about anything more than staying afloat. Thankfully, you have a mountain of energy.

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You are the traditional perfectionist!

You expect perfection from yourself and from your students and you are willing to give 100% to make that happen. You can craft a perfect lesson plan/unit plan/learning experience, and when it goes off the rails, you are surprised and frustrated. Sometimes you find yourself so frustrated that you complain. A lot. The “I learned it this way” thinking guides your teaching. While you may face frustration, you are resilient, and are willing to head back to the drawing board to plan again in hopes that this time the students “get it.”

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You are the super star!

You are very well respected, self-reflective, collaborative, and a continuous learner. You love your job for the challenges it brings and relationships you build. You are often a leader in your own right because your instruction is so strong and your students connect with you. You are on a constant quest to improve your instruction. The most struggling students feel loved and successful with you. You inspire and motivate those within your classroom and within your school (or district or greater world). You desire a level of autonomy from the administration that allows you to flourish but you need to connect with others to collaborate, learn, and grow. You are a powerful positive role model for new teachers, for students, and for the staff as a whole, but may feel more comfortable behind the scenes.

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