What is your current development stage as a social entrepreneur?

So you are driven to create a positive change in society. How close are you to creating impact at scale? Find out your social enterprise’s current development stage by taking the test. You can then start exploring the most appropriate support for your stage on the Reach for Change Toolkits platform.
Have you identified a pressing social issue and have in mind an innovative idea to address it?
Is there an indication that your innovative idea has the potential to create a positive impact in society? Have you tested it in some way and collected testimonials from your beneficiaries, or has some existing research shown that your idea can work?
Do you have an idea or a hypothesis of a business model that could enable you to deliver your solution?
Have you proven the impact of your solution by demonstrating qualitatively and quantitatively that your solution consistently creates the intended positive change for your beneficiaries?
Have you proven your business model by demonstrating that your paying customers are willing to pay for your product/service and that you can consistently deliver your value proposition?
Have you set a goal to scale, clarified your purpose for scaling, and defined goals?
Have you identified the key impact drivers that are the core of your innovation and the core elements of your solution that are essential for achieving impact?
Have you developed a hypothesis that shows the potential of how your solution can be financially sustainable and impactful at scale?
Have you significantly increased the positive impact of your solution to a level that now better addresses the societal need you aimed to address?
You have a drive and the will power to make a change in the world but you haven't found your battlefield yet. Keep your eyes and ears open to better understand the needs around you and what positive impact YOU can bring to the world. Be creative, connect with people, and explore the Reach for Change Toolkit platform to see what’s ahead of you as a social entrepreneur!
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You are in the Concept stage of your development. Everything is still mostly on paper and in your mind. But you know which change you want to bring to the world and you have THE idea to make it happen. What you need to do now is to further develop your concept, better understand the social issue, engage those who will benefit, and strive to get a clear indication that your concept can work! Do not forget the business part of your social enterprise: What business model could work and create revenues for your solution?

While working on that, you can start exploring the Reach for Change Toolkit platform to get a glimpse of your continued journey as a social entrepreneur!
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Proof of Concept
You are in the Proof of Concept development stage. It is time to go out into the world and to test and refine this idea of yours! Your aim is to demonstrate and prove that your solution can consistently create your target impact and that your business model can sustainably generate revenues for your organization! It is also time to start considering how your solution and business model could be scaled!

Visit the Reach for Change Toolkits platform and start exploring the milestones, action points, and support material for Proof of Concept. We take you on a journey to create impact at scale!
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Scaling Readiness
You are in the Scaling Readiness stage! You have proven the impact of your solution and the robustness of your business model. You have set an intention and a foundation for a scaling. It is now time to start gearing up for creating impact at scale. This stage is an important one and, just as Proof of Concept, will require some testing, failing, improving, and fine tuning!

Visit the Reach for Change Toolkits platform and start exploring the milestones, action points, and support material for Scaling Readiness. We take you on a journey to creatie impact at scale!
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Impact at Scale
You are creating impact at scale! You are exactly where we want to bring social entrepreneurs on their journey to create a better world. You can be a true inspiration and source of motivation for many others.

Visit the Reach for Change Toolkits platform and share your experience and tips with fellow social entrepreneurs that are in earlier stages of their journey. There is a comments field under each Action Point where you can share your insights and smart advice. Do not hesitate as well to give us feedback on how we can improve our support material.
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