What Burger Are You?

Discover your burger personality!
What does your dream vacation look like?
What activity is on your bucket list?
What is your favorite type of movie?
What is your ideal pet?
What's your favorite type of food?
What do you like to do in your spare time?
You are the Classic Cheeseburger!
You stick to what you know - why change what works? You like things uncomplicated and prefer a laid-back, simple life that is free from drama. You take time to appreciate your surroundings.
You are the Southwest Chipotle Burger with Guacamole!
You are adventurous and always up for exploring. You are often spontaneous and love to try new things. You are a traveler at heart.
You are the Black Bean Veggie Burger!
You are creative and love to find new ways to solve problems. You have a unique style and are not afraid of originality. You look at things from a new perspective.
You are the Steakhouse BBQ Burger!
You are enthusiastic and passionate. You don't mind a fast-paced life as long as it is fulfilling. You want to make a difference, so you sometimes go all-out.
You are the California Turkey Burger!
You are curious and carefree, and always full of surprises. You go with the flow, and sometimes make things up as you go along.