2018 Haydays Quiz

With so much to see and do at Haydays, can you get a perfect score on our 2018 Haydays Quiz?  

We wish we could include every booth but here are 10 random shots we got!

By Ryan Tarrant at
The 2018 Arctic Cat ZR6000R SX shares it's headlight with which other model?
Which manufacturer offered a Free "Slushie Brain Freeze" in an XPS Racing oil bottle for riding the bull?
What year is this Polaris Indy 700 Rocky Mountain King?
What is the original brand of this modified sled hauler?
What new event/race boasted this large tire as it's event entrance?
Which booth showed this handmade expansion chamber?
What year did Lonn Peterson found Thunder Products?
What is this Haydays loving clown's name?
2017 marks how many years of the Sno Barons Haydays Grass Drags?
2017 marks what year for Team Thunderstruck's video series?
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